Saturday, December 06, 2008

Advent calendars

No, I am not lost in space - and I am not taking a Miss Piggy, with my long blond hair ;-))

Life has just been very busy this week, as it tends to be around Christmas.
My back is winning 2-0 on me this week too, but that will pass, hopefully before to long!
I have not been much on the computer this week, but photos have been taken, and I will catch up - promise :-)

Last year I introduced the concept of Advent Sunday Calendar to a couple of my friends, and we had such fun with it that we decided to keep on doing that.

Above is the calendar I got from May Britt - and the first packet - lovely red buttons :-)

Below is the calendar I got from Nancy - and the first packet - which I thought I had taken a photo of after it was opened, but no......
The little box contained the most delicious 4 pieces of handmade chocolate - long gone now :-)
Can you blame a girl for forgetting the photo then ? hehehe

Thanks for brighten my Advent, both of you !!

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