Thursday, December 11, 2008

Butterfly Garden BOM

I have decided to prep all the small blocks for Butterfly Garden BOM, as I think I mentioned earlier, so I can have a grab-and-go work to carry with me in my purse.

Like Leanne's House BOM, this quilt is also like a big nine patch, made with 9 blocks in each of the nine units.
I finished block 1 today - it has been partly done for a long long time.

Next in line I pieced the units for block # 7, the last block I have received.
You can see I used the lower left corner as last evening's grab-and-go.

Then I pieced the units in block # 2.
So far I have got all the fabrics I need in my kits - that is good :-)

I changed a blue / turquoise fabric in block # 2, in the lower right corner.
The fabric in the kit was far to bright for me, and if I find that particular fabric in any of the other kits, I can change it too.

Little did I know that I will have more time to work on these blocks than I originally planned.
My Janome 6600 is in the repair shop again as from this afternoon, and I will probably not get it back in a long while.

The shop I bought it from is not in business anymore and that is very inconvenient for me needing warranty work done.
The machine has to be sent to the machine importer for warranty repair.
I am not a happy camper!
The machine came back from service less than 2 weeks ago.

I have a small machine that can handle small blocks though - I will put it to good work - promise :-)


  1. I like the expression: grab and go work, hehe...sorry for your janome trouble! Your blocks are nice, maybe I should grab mine too?

  2. I really want to do this quilt. Watching you make yours is making me want to order the patterns for myself.

  3. How good to have a back up project.

    You did Leanne's House too I believe. Do you remember how many blocks there were in that one?

    You have been much on my mind of late. I do hope all is well.

  4. I'm so sorry your sewingmachine is ill again. Thanks for reminding me on all my BG packages in my sewingroom LOL Maybe I too should prepare the blocks ready now.

  5. I feel so sorry for your poor machine (and you too) to be sick again ...ahh...and over christmas...hope it will come home soon...
    And your blocks looks so good...have to take a look at mine after Christmas again...;o)

  6. I love how your BOM looks. Very soft and pretty. I hope you get your machine back soon. I can't stand not having mine when it is being repaired.

  7. It seems that we both have same 'problems' and luckily also same JOYS. My Bernina is still unrepaired and I got a flu:((
    I also ordered Butterfly Garden BOM from Honeysuckle Cottage. I have finished four blocks and fifth is half done.
    Warm hugs to you and nice weekend...

  8. Oh No! Your sewing machine is 'sick' again! I'm so sorry to hear that. Would you like to borrow mine? I'll bring it by later and while I'm there we can share a cuppa and stitch a bit. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it, Hanne? Sigh! :-)

  9. Very pretty butterflies! I am sorry your machine had a hickup...maybe you need a new machine from Santa??

  10. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Oh, gosh, just two weeks and now it's broken? How awful. I'm glad you have a substitute, but how annoying that must be.


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