Friday, December 12, 2008

More Butterfly Garden

One would think that making these fairly easy blocks would be fast to, but I can assure you they are not fast at all!

All the pieces have to be cut to size, one by one, and the pattern is nearly like a jig saw puzzle regarding fabric placements. I still substitute a couple of the fabrics with some of my own, like the turquoise and a very dark green that I don't think go well with the other fabrics.

This is block # 3 and block # 5.
Block # 4 had some quirks that I have had to work around, fabric wise.

Now I have laid out block # 4 and block # 6 on my small design wall and on the terry towel. I see I am probably short on one of the fabrics, but I will just put in one of my own fabric instead.
I hope to join the 2 last blocks through the weekend, maybe adding Monday.

Since I have worked so close to this pattern for a couple of days now, I see that the pattern layout has some quirks too, in some of the blocks, so I give myself the liberty of twisting and turning the units so the pattern works, in spite of the fabric placements.

The down side of these kits are that they have no room for extra cutting of fabrics, when the pattern has quirks.
The good side is that I get a multitude of fabrics that I don't own before, without buying bigger pieces.

If you ever can tell in the future which block units I had to twist and turn you are good ;-)


  1. Hello there:o)
    Your Butterfly Garden blocks looks so nice:o) Beautiful work Hanne.
    I'm back in Blogland now, so I'll try to keep up with you gals:o)
    Wish you a kozy and creative week end.

  2. Quite the challenge. You are up to the task........

  3. It looks great no matter how you look at it!

  4. Gratulerer med førstesida på nqf-bladet!

  5. Hanne your Butterfly Garden blocks all look so lovely, mine are all sitting in their packaging, maybe 2009 I will start.

  6. sounds like a headache but one thats gonna turn out to be a pretty one :)

  7. Heisann! Nå håper jeg du leser e-posten din;o)

  8. Anonymous11:38 pm

    The blocks look great, whatever you had to do with them. I can't even tell which fabrics you added, because these all go together nicely.

  9. her ser det ut til å gå fremover!
    Jeg pusler også fælt med Butterfly Garden..... hadde noen pakker hvor det manglet stoffbiter og sånt...

    Gleder meg til å se det ferdige produktet!!

    God Jul!

  10. Bra lenken du sendte meg. De får liksom vandre fritt og skape frykt og usikkerhet rundt seg. For oss er det viktig å ikke slippe flere "sånne" inn i kjøttet, men nyte oss selv på veien i dette livet vi har fått utdelt. Takk.

  11. Your Butterlfy garden grows nice Hanne.Love it. Perhaps I start mine soon too.....Thanks for the gift that came in the mail to day. I saved it for christmas. Yours should be in the mailbox. I had a friend to deliver it for me
    Merry Christmas to you


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