Saturday, December 06, 2008

String quilt

I was just about to machine quilt this quilt when my sewing machine went sick on Monday night last week.
The sewing machine man is a gem - he fixed my machine in 3 days !! I got it back on Friday !!

I had the chance to get one of my guilds to deliver the quilt in to my favourite cause, children with long term diseases, this Wednesday, so I forced the machine quilting early this week and had it done by Wednesday, washed and all.
Postage is expensive - I can use that money for other purposes, like fabrics, thread, batting.
The guild is making a bulk delivery soon, by car. As a private person I have to send my donated quilts in by snail mail.

The blocks finish 9".

I am so convinced my scraps breed by cell dividing - I still have more purple scraps left ! :-)


  1. That's a really striking quilt. I really like it set with the white string blocks.

  2. Veldig bra Hanne, du står på. Blir så inspirert av innsatsen din her, og jeg gleder meg til at vårt quiltelag forhåpentligvis skal ha quilte-dugnad på nyåret.

  3. Hei Hanne,
    Teppet ble kjempe fint. Morsomt med lilla og grønnt i samme teppe.
    Gleder meg til å sy neste teppet til Teppe som varmer. Det var gøy å sy til noen som virkelig har behov for en quilt.

  4. It looks wonderful Hanne! I love it. Your color combinations on these string quilts are always wonderful.

  5. Oh, that will make some child very happy.

    Yes, the strips do divide like cells run amouk. I haven't found out how to stop the process!!!

    Love all your stitcheries.

  6. Love your beautiful strings, so pretty in purple and green! I agree, those strings multiply!

  7. Love this quilt!! You combines two of my favorite things--string pattern and color combo!


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