Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas in January

Today I received a notice from the post office a packet to big for my mailbox was waiting for me.
Little did I know that I was in for a second Christmas !

First I opened the card - it told me I could wait for Christmas 2009 if I wanted to, or I could celebrate an early Christmas :-)
I do have a fair amount of self control (sometimes) but 11 months of waiting is a long long time - hehehe.

The sender of this box full of exciting packets is Pat, Bits and Pieces.

Little did she know that I admired her cute cat wool applique the other day, and now I am the very happy owner of it -
it is like Christmas, birthday and 17th of May - Norwegian National Day - all in one.
Pat does absolutely beautiful work, as I know from before! I am so proud to own this applique. I will treasure it forever!!

I have always wanted one of those wooden signs - they are soooo cute, but I did not see any when I visited USA in the spring.

In the packets I also found the beautiful heart fabrics, white and red, a bottle of Best Press spray - I am looking forward to try it out - a very cute cat on skies and a bar of Hershey's Milk Chocolate!

Pat - I am absolutely speechless - even if I have written many words now.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!


  1. This was great. You deserves it. And that's because you are always such a good friend and have such an positive attitude. Enjoy it.

  2. Oh Hanne... such a wonderful package!!! And that Cat ...its wonderful... Pat is such a generous and talented lady!!
    And I know about the wooden sign... they are wonderful!!
    Enjoy all your gifts..and you are so well worth every one of them!! Hugs!

  3. Great gifts Hanne. I love all of your stitchery. I still want to finish the one you gave me in Shipshewana. I am on a finishing streak right now. I've finished two pair of knit socks in the past week. I'm behind on blog reading/posting/commenting. Hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year, too.

  4. You are very welcome Hanne. The little cat is an ornament for your tree. I hope you enjoy your well deserved goodies. Big Hugs!

  5. So wonderful gifts, great!

  6. Anonymous8:26 am

    You are a lucky girl, enjoy your christmaspresents. I don't think my mailman will bring such a lovely package ;)

  7. Oh what wonderful gifties!!!
    May 17 is my birthday, I never knew it was a national day somewhere!


  8. What a great surprise for you :o) And very well deserved!

  9. Oh what a super surprise! everything looks wonderful :-)

  10. What lovely gifts!! And a terrific Post Christmas Surprise!!! Cathy

  11. I saw that lovely little wall hanging on her blog too! I am so glad you got fun mail.


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