Saturday, January 03, 2009

One Project a Month Challenge

May Britt and Kris started this challenge right now, and I have a very very very soft spot for challenges you know, so I was the first one to join :-)

This challenge absolutely spoke to my heart, as it is about all craft products in our possession, and I see hope for very aged cross stitch embroideries and kits.

Top left - my box of blocks, where left over blocks and finished stitcheries are put. I know I can make several finished products out of it, even if I by definition don't count the box content as Ufos as such.

Top right - my Ufo box - with quilting Ufos that is. Less than 10, but several big projects. On the photo it looks more stuffed than it is, as each Butterfly Garden block has its own zip lock bag.

Bottom left - my embroidery Ufos! The Santa must be 20 years old. It was to be mounted on a fabric covered box, and came as a kit.
I could not wrap my head around the instructions back then - I can now, and I will finish this one shortly!

Bottom right - my kits - mostly Tilda kits, here represented by and angel and a door decoration Easter rabbit. I have more, I have more.........

I am going away for the weekend and bringing this stitchery.
Not that I think I will get much done, but as a true quilter / stitcher I never leave home without something to keep my hands busy - just in case :-)
This stitchery is aiming for being my first January finish!

I am out of here very soon - Have a Lovely Weekend All !

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  1. I'm impressed of your tidyness in all the projects! Well, I'm in the challenge as well, you know!

  2. I am so happy to know you have a lot of UFOs/Wisps too LOL
    And I look forward to see your progress. I know you and me will have a lot of msn sewing togethers
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Looks like you have it all sorted out and ready to go. I look forward to seeing all your wonderful projects!

  4. Hope you'll have great weekend, and I also look forward to see more of your work:o)
    I have not been making up my mind about what to finish this month, but I better do that before tomorrow:o)

  5. Great idea! I am already working on non-quilty UFOs and have done quite a few. Great minds think alike.

  6. looks like you are organized!

  7. Hanne this should be fun I have signed up as well...have a nice weekend good luck with your stitchery.

  8. Hi Hanne!

    I see you're at it already....
    I love challenges like this too.

    Think I'll be ready to post about it later this week :o)

    Good luck with the stitchery :o)
    Knowing you it will be done in a flash....


  9. Hows your January WISP progressing? I have joined the challenge too!! CAthy

  10. Good luck with the challenge.


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