Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday thoughts

150209 pink scraps

This week has been so busy – both in the sewing corner and in life in general.

What goes on in the sewing corner I can not show you before the end of May. Such a long time……..

Yesterday I had to rebel and do something completely different.
You have already seen how my beloved grand-cat helped me arrange the blocks :-)

I still lack 8 blocks to have a full quilt, and as before, this quilt will go to children with long term diseases.

My goal for February is 94 blocks – blocks for 4 quilts – and so far I have 64 blocks :-)

The sewing corner quilt has a deadline in 6 days – I can do it, I can do it, I can do it (on pure will) !


  1. I can't wait to see them all.

  2. Looks great Hanne...and yes life is very busy..

  3. Hi Hanne I've been thinking about you. I was straightening up my sewing room and found a bag of bright colored strips. I think I might try your idea of piecing some of these blocks. My last couple of quilts are going to children that are in the hospital as well. Love your snow photo from earlier post.

  4. Yes you can.... You are accomplishing so much already this year. Your string quilts are going to be a delight for any child that receives them.

  5. Love your string blocks. This has become my favorite way to use up scraps and I keep a container of them going all the time now.

    The red ones are just great!

    I've been doing mine on paper foundations and have one going most of the time now.

    Enjoy, they look fabulous!

  6. Du får gjort masse :) (og det er veldig spennende å se hva som blir avslørt i mai?!)

  7. Those blocks look wonderful. I'm working on a string quilt now, too, and I love making these easy, fast blocks!

  8. Good for you Hanne, I think I'm going to get all the way through my Feb list before leaving on Tuesday to visit my Mom.


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