Monday, February 16, 2009

Enjoying the small steps of life

My Canadian miniature bear claims that the furball gets to much attention around here, and that it (he ? she ?) also looks good next to red - hehehe

I am addicted to DJ blocks - I can not stop making them!
Not at great speed, but slowly and nicely, always having my Dear Jane book close.

I am swapping DJ blocks with my friend Val in Canada. She is aiming for a full quilt, and I, I don't know yet, but I am enjoying the process, seeing every block as a full project :-)
I see that I have made 2 different versions of K7 - Rose of Sharing, unintentionally.
I have thought about making one in more than one colour applique for a long long time. It looks better than the drawing in the book!

Have I told you that I have bought fabric for plain squares to go with my autumn coloured DJ blocks ??

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  1. Heehee! You keep it up!

  2. love your blocks - I bet you go ahead and make the whole quilt - I have seen your Nearly Insane and love that one too - you do wonderful work.

  3. Furball is soooooo cute there on the quilt.

  4. What lovely blocks! Cute kitty too! :0)

  5. Ha en fin helg .-)

    ser katten din liker å være med der det skjer :-)


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