Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bitten by the bug


This is month # 2 my GFG block of the month from Lappemakeriet.
I am in fact 3 weeks before schedule thanks to being bit by the hand sewing bug. I Absolutely Love sewing on the line, not English Paper Piecing.

I have found my sewing on the line rhythm, working and sort of rocking with both hands, so I don’t get any sore joints, and a callous is building on my right hand middle finger, pushing the needle with approx. 5 stitches (10 up and down) on through the fabric.

Someone mentioned Inklingo as an option last month when I showed the hexagon flowers. Inklingo is very clever, so I will use it for the light “setting flowers” later. I have not printed any on my printer yet, and some of these flower fabrics are very coarse, like very homespun.
I have had Inklingo demonstrated to me in Canada, and I do  have 1,25” hexagon Inklingo file on my computer, so it will be tested out very soon.
I have done a quick test print earlier.
If you also are curious about Inklingo, you can find some free test files on the web site.
I have learned that the fabric for the setting flowers will come in a later packet, so I will still have some time to build up my confidence :-)

Well – I am surfing the wave, and is giving my other BOM from Lappemakeriet attention too :-)
I signed up for the stars 7 months ago, and have not touched the packets before lately.
There are 3 stars in each month packet.


Now to choose which packet to open next


The packets are all so pleasantly presented, and they all have more than enough fabric, which I also enjoy very much.
There are 8 star packets all in all – I will get the last one next month, and after that I will get a packet with sashing and border + one with batting and backing + quilting thread which is optional.
I am doing the whole song and dance!
I think I am ready to do some stars with red or pink in them now :-)

Tonight DH and I, who are both down with a cold / flu virus are taking it very slow, watching DVDs and having a glass of good red wine.

I need to get rid of this flu virus faster than you can spell sewing !!



  1. Hi Hanne, I hope you will be feeling better soon! The red wine should be a good cure. ;)

    Can you please tell me what you mean by loving quilting on the line rather than English paper piecing? Do you mean that you are sewing the hexagons together as you would any regular quilt piecing, with a small seam allowance?

    I would like to make a hexagon quilt but I have no desire to do English paper piecing...

    Thank you!

  2. God søndag!
    Jeg ønsker deg og gubben god bedring - og håper du klarer å hygge deg med sytøyet ditt mens du pleier forkjølelsen ;-)

  3. Hanne,

    Every project that you work on is something that I love. We must share the same "quilty style". The hexagons and stars are just wonderful and have given me some inspiration.

    I hope the virus that you and your hubby have is short lived and that you are soon on the mend and sewing again!


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