Sunday, March 08, 2009

More beautiful than words can tell !



I delivered my kaleidoscope quilt to Merete at yesterday noon, and this afternoon she came by the classroom where I taught Dear Jane and delivered this beautiful piece of work to me !!

I am speechless in awe – have you ever seen such beautiful quilting ?!?

Merete has done this work free motion and it is as beautiful on the back as on the front!

From now on I know where I will send more quilts :-)
I may have to eat more soup to do so, but it is very much worth it !!

I have already made arrangement to get my next quilt quilted by Merete too, and that is before I got this one back.
She is very skilled, very creative and does outstanding work!

In addition to her website, Merete also has a blog, where she shows more of her work.

My family is also impressed :-)

I hope to get the binding in the mail tomorrow, from Quiltegaarden.



  1. So beautiful....both the quilt and the quilting. I would also like to have her quilt something for me, but I think postage would be a bit much to send and return from Minnesota!

  2. WooW... Dette vart heilt fantastisk. Skjønar godt at du er fornøgd. Helsing Jofrid

  3. I think that you and Merethe are a very good team! And who ist the most effective, well, it's hard to tell. I'm very satisfied with the work she did on my big SBS as well. BTW, I think porridge is cheaper than soup, I go for that...

  4. Oh my god. How beautiful! I wish I would be able to do something like that too. So wonderful. I only do handquilting and of course I´m not able to quilt so much like that. Great work. I will take a look at her website.
    Many greetings

  5. It is beautiful Hanne. You compliment each others work.

  6. Nydelig, Hanne! Det er ikke uten grunn at vi kaller Merete "Feather Queen"... :)

  7. Mmmmm.... having seen it in person, I'm in awe!!! It is absolutely stunning!!! You have done a fab job on the top, and Merete's quilting compliments it splendidly! And those feathers are amazing! You have a gem to treasure for years and years!

    Thank you for a very inspirational class, and a great weekend!

    Hugs and stitches

  8. Another beautiful quilt Hanne. You do such nice work.

  9. Du verden, så fin den ble!!! Kanonfin!

  10. Så flott det blev quiltat....
    Förstår att du vurderar å sända fler.
    Ha en fortsatt fin helg

  11. Wow Hanne, that quilting is absolutely stunning.

  12. Gosh Hanne, the quilt was gorgeous even before the quilting, but now the whole thing is simply stunning!! I love how she's done the border, I haven't seen a design like that before. What a lovely family heirloom you have made :o).
    Joy :o)

  13. den ble nydelig - flott quilting gjør hele forskjellen!

  14. Oh Hanne …what a delicate quilt …I mean raffiné …do you understand that word ? It is soo feminine …just like you

    Bravo to both the piecer and the quilter


    Caroline Van Maele

  15. Ja, det ble virkelig flott, quiltingen fikk frem det flotte arbeidet du har gjort med selve teppet. Spennende når man sender fra seg en "baby" på den måten, så da er det virkelig artig når det blir så bra! :-) Bodil

  16. What a beautiful quilt. Absolutely stunning.

  17. Hanne, it is wonderful! She did such amazing work with the quilting.

  18. Ohhh Hanne, the quilting is just breathtaking. I can understand why you are just thrilled.

  19. Amazing quilting job. The piecing is quilt amazing too!!

    I know what you mean by eating only soup when you have to pay a good quilter. It is worth it!

  20. Hanne, that is mind boggling...just gorgeous

  21. Helt forrygende ser den quilt ud. Jeg er begejstret for dit valg af stoffer og mønster. Det passer så fint sammen. Merethes quiltning er super smuk.
    Det må være en fornøjelse at sy lukkekant på quilten.
    Mange hilsner

  22. absolutely beautiful! she is so clever!

  23. Kjempelekkert! Både teppet og quiltingen!
    Takk for et fint kurs og en hyggelig helg! Her blir nok sydd flere DJ-blokker enn jeg hadde tenkt på forhånd ;-)

  24. Hei Hanne :o)

    Nok en gang takk for en fantastisk helg!! Den ble nok litt mer utfordrende for andre enn plnlagt, men nå er alt som normalt..hehe...

    Er igagn med å tegne opp et par nye blokker, viste seg å være perfekt å ha med på forelesning :o)

    Teppet ditt ble bare helt fantastik etter at du slapp løs Merete på det, strålende i utgangspunkete, men nå ble det seg selv fullstendig :o) Flinke begge to!!!

    Ha en fortsatt fin uke!!

    klem :o)

  25. The quilt itself is beautiful and the quilting absolutely stunning! She deserves more quilts from you to quilt! I am just sorry she lives so far away...

  26. Oh Hanne! This is absolutely gorgeous! Both the quilt and the quilting!


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