Sunday, March 29, 2009

NQF’s annual meeting


Since I was on Dear Jane duty, teaching through the weekend last week, I did not have as much time as usual to just buzz around.

Here are some photos from the shopping area.

Above is my friend Else Margrethe (no blog) shopping at Quiltegaarden.

The photo below is also Quiltegaarden, one of my favourite shops!



Lappemor, Anne Heidi, smiling as always :-)
She is always so sweet and it is always a pleasure to do business with her, online or in real life!
She ships ever so fast whenever I shop there online!


After the Friday night dinner Lilian Hedley from Great Britain gave a very inspiring lecture on Durham Quilting, a travel in English quilt history from 1700 and to today.


Her work is absolutely exquisite!
In the middle of the photo, my dear friend May Britt is holding a corner of a lovely wholecloth quilt.

My friend Bente - a skilled quilter and a great inspiration - is showing her beautiful red and white quilt at Show & Tell.
The block patterns are freebies of Quilteposten online.


Here is one of the secret projects I have been working on this winter :-)

The judging was a bit strange though, in my not so humble opinion.
I got points off for the scallops and for not hand quilting.

The jury is a pottery artist, a quilter that sometimes does traditional (?), but very obviously has her preference in art quilting + the wife of an artist in the area where the jury was formed. She is known for being in many juries and is highly regarded locally obviously (!) Really ????

Well - you would not like me to come and fix your electrical wiring do you ?
I am the wife of an electrician, so I must be skilled - not.

I don’t think this jury knows much about quilt tradition or traditional methods, because all the traditional quilts that got a prize got oral negative remarks at the announcement, but all the art quilts got nothing but praise.

Food for thoughts !!

I am sorry I can not show you any other quilts from the show. We are not allowed to share any photos online.
To bad, because if I did you could get inspired to do new things, or if you live in the area where the annual meeting is held another year, you might want to come and join in the fun!

I am not scared away from entering a quilt in a contest in the future, in spite of the jury not being on the top shelf.

I hope with all my heart that the Norwegian Quilt Association will take Traditional Quilt more serious in the future. This is only the second year Traditional Quilt is a category, and again, in my not so humble opinion, comparing Traditional Quilts and Art Quilt (Open Category) is like comparing bananas and potatoes.

Like we now have 2 categories in the contest we will need 2 juries - one for each category.
Anything else will be hard to take seriously and will not benefit the Norwegian quilters.

I for one could never judge art quilts - I don't know enough about the theme.
I could off course tell what pleases my eyes, but not a thing about techniques and what go into the techniques skill wise.

What I try to tell is that we need people with different skills in the juries - be it different for different categories.
I think skilled juries will add good things to the Norwegian quilt community.
Doing jury work is not only a matter of taste but also a matter of knowledge!

I will do my scallops till all the apples grows the same size, with pride, whenever I think it will give the quilt a lift!
I will continue doing like I Want when I want, and will not do anything to please a jury.
My teacher from primary school, who taught us bias binding on clothes, back in the stone ages, would love my scallops if they are well done - and they are indeed :-)

I will continue to read about and admire traditional quilts and take elements from them into my quilts.

Tradition is a never stopping movement.
Some from the old days and some from today, how I interpret the elements, will be tradition tomorrow :-)

Off my soapbox ;-)



  1. clap, clap, clap!!! That is me applauding you! I love traditional quilts and I love your wallhanging, scallops and

    Glad you're back and that you're feeling better. Enjoyed all of your posts today.

  2. More clap, clap! Very interesting to read about this. I totally agree with you about traditional quilts and two juries!
    And all your buys!!! OMG! How would it end if you were not that occupied with the lectures, hehe...

  3. So true Hanne...very well said!!!
    Scallops I love.. gives the quilt the little extra without taking anything away from the traditional blocks!! :o)
    And Congratulations to your prize..CLAP clap CLAP!!!

  4. Veldig bra Hanne! Gratulerer nok en gang med prisen du vant for teppe ditt.

  5. Love your quilting, love your scallops, love your design.
    And we in Minnesota would have loved to be able to see the quilt photos posted. Oh well, maybe I will make it to Norway for a quilt show.

  6. I agree with your comments Hanne, I was a little shocked on the written comments for my not winning quilt too. Thank you for a good Dear Jane class!

  7. I hope they included positive comments too as in the shows I've been judged in, there are both positive and negative but thats here in the US too. I think the scallops are a lovely element to your quilt and the two color combo is dramatic. There, thats my two positive comments!

  8. Hanne,
    I have been following your blog for some time--actually you are the first quilting blogger I found so you are special! I learn much from your writing! I live in Louisiana, USA. (Just finished the Civil War Diary quilt!)
    So with excitment, I read about you listening to a program on Durham Quilting! I am a sponge for that topic! Oh how I wish I could have listened too! Thanks for sharing the info on Lilian Hedley--I hope I get to meet her and see her quilts someday!

  9. Well said, Hanne! There's rrom for all types of quilts in the world but they should be judged by those who know what they're doing. Your quilt is sp pretty and the scallops really "make" the quilt.

  10. Hello Hanne!
    I'm glad you are back - I have missed reading you each day. You have the right attitude about your quilt - ignore the judges and keep on entering competitions. It is a beautiful quilt and I love the scallops and, of course, the two colours. I am at the moment working on Nr. 18 of Nearly Insane, doing it in red and white. I never wanted to do a Nearly Insane quilt until I saw yours - direct inspiration. Thanks for your blog.

  11. Applaus for dette innlegget ditt - og for teppet ditt! Du fortjener MYE mer ros for dette teppet enn du fikk fra juryen - som burde skifte ut noen av medlemmene sine. Du har selvfølgelig helt rett - hva kan vel en kunstners kone om tradisjonell quilt! Utrolig å ha en slik jury i et norsk quilteforbund! Jeg syns du skal sende teppet ditt til Birmingham - der er det mange ulike klasser.
    Lykke til!

  12. Of course congratulations on your ribbon! Your quilt are truly beautiful! And you're soooo right! The jury's judgement of your quilt are really strange! Where does it say that you can't enter a machine quilted quilt in the traditional category (especially when it's done really well)? And who are to say whether scalops are "right" to be used or not? You have made a very good point regarding the jury! And your attitude to keep entering is wonderful!

    Hugs and stitches

  13. Jeg var der, jeg så, og jeg var ikke imponert.
    Er helt enig med deg Hanne:o) Gratulerer med en velfortjent pris!
    Min kommentar til utstillingen er som følger: Jeg vil heller se ett teppe, som er pent quiltet med maskin - en ett håndquiltet teppe med 3-4 sting pr inch. . . . .
    Min 1 plass går til deg Hanne.

  14. Whatever the jury was, you won, didn't you? Even with pints off yyou still won ;-). I love the scallopes a lot! So, congratulations and be proud of yourself!

  15. I think the scallops add something special to the quilt and I can't for the life of me figure out why they thought it needed to be hand quilted!

    I think hand quilting is called for on occasion and then there are times when machine quilting is the only thing that will do.

    Weird, Hanne!

    I'll miss you at Shipshe this year. Maybe you can come next year? I'll eat a piece of pie for you. What kind would you like it to be? I hope it's different than what I would normally order because then I can have a second piece and it won't seem so greedy.


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