Sunday, March 29, 2009

New branch of the quilt corner


Ever since we moved here 14 years ago, I have not had a room that I can call mine.
We live in a 3 bedroom small-ish very open bungalow.

In the early years, I tried to sit downstairs in the basement/cellar, but that did not work for me.
With cellar windows, high up on the wall and dark walls and carpet, not to forget a poppy red ceiling (!!), the room was dark and gloomy. What were we thinking in the late 70’s ???
It was also inconvenient to be far away from where the family action was - kids and all.

The kids were small and I established my sewing corner, desk and all up in the living room.
It has worked like a charm through all these years, but since DD1 is not living home anymore we found it was time for a change.

The gloomy downstairs is over the later years converted into a light and fresh TV room / guest room with a double sofa bed, where guests are always welcome and the young ones can bring their friends for company.
DH also has an office space, with all his computer stuff, divided from the TV room by a door.
He’s a man - he does not have the same cravings for daylight as I have ;-)

The lavender bluish purple is now gone for a nice light Coffee Latte colour in my new room.

I plan to buy a sofa bed for this room very soon as well, so DD1 can have a place to sleep when she wants to, and I can have my special sewing friends sleeping there as well :-)

It seems like every room in this house serves at least 2 purposes……

Having a place to retreat from the TV football matches and other sports on TV in my sewing corner, aka known as the family room, will also be nice. 

I will however keep my sewing corner as it is, with less stuff stuffed into it. The big Janome 6600 will stay there.
My sewing corner is a good place to sit, lots of daylight / morning light and like the commando central of this house.

Red wine is also served here on weekends, to enjoy with some hand work and the Friday night crime show on TV :-)

The new room, 8 square meters, will be used for storage and a chance to retreat at need.


A glimpse of the new sewing corner, with my small Janome Platinum 760 on the desk.




  1. Good luck with your"new" room!! :o)

  2. All the rooms in my home also have at least two, and sometimes three uses. It's cozy, but efficient. Looks like yours is too.

  3. Så bra, Hanne! Gratulerer! Du kommer til å nyte å ha ditt eget territorium, bare spør meg hvordan det føles... jeg har hatt det i et år nå!! DD har et hjørne der som hun kan sove i når hun er hjemom - resten er tekstilt område ;)

  4. Så deilig det skal bli for deg å få et eget rom:O) Gleder meg med deg:O)
    Jeg vet hvor godt det er å kunne sitte "alene" når man jobber med lapper og sånt, og for ikke å snakke om alt støv og andre hybelkaniner det blir av sånt:O) Jeg støvsuger nesten hver dag på sy-rommet, bare for at det skal være minst mulig tråder og hybelkaniner over resten av huset, og fordi jeg vil ha minst mulig kattehår i sytøyet og stoffet:O)
    Kos deg masse;O)


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