Thursday, April 23, 2009

1 down, 4 to go


I have a little challenge going with myself :
Can I finish 5 things between this week and upcoming Wednesday ?
I am not sure, but I know I have a competitive gene and I am more than happy to compete with myself :-)

I will show you this care quilt once it is washed and has been in the dryer. I like to give the care quilts soft and nice.
2 more care quilts lacks binding as you know.
I always do the binding on donation quilts by machine and a decorative stitch.
I can make more care quilts that way - I am going easy on myself and my shoulders, so I don’t burn out. I am sure the recipient will not mind.

My stitchery is coming along too :-)


This project is not on my Finish 5 list, but I need to be a little rebellious too - works every time - hehehe

I talked to a quilter I know this week, and she has not sewn for a long time - as in months.
I have been thinking about what kind of quilter I am.
I know I need a dose of sewing in some form every day - whatever happens in my life.
I have sewn myself through rough patches in life and I sew when I am happy.
If I for some reason can not sew I have to thumb quilt magazines or books or just touch fabrics.
I need sewing and sewing related activities like I need air.
What kind of quilter are you ?



  1. I'm defenitely like you! Some doses each day, and a lot of magazines by the bed...

  2. Happy birthday, dear Hanne:o)
    I guess I'm the same kind of quilter as you, too. It's even with me in my dreams when I'm asleep:o)
    But it gives me so much, both joy and challenges. And the best of it all, friends with the same passion. I've found out, people who doesn't quilt/sew, will never figure out our addiction for our "itching for stitching":o)
    Happy sewing:o)

  3. Hi Hanne,
    I have to have a fabric, sewing, or knitting "fix" almost everyday. On the days that I can't sew, then I'm thinking about sewing or quilting or designing blocks in my head! There is no hope for me. . . I am addicted and I wouldn't have it any other way! LOL.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog; it was good to hear from you, friend.

  4. Hi Hanne

    Yes I am the same it helps to keep me a little bit sane and I have withdrawl symptoms if if I don't LOL


  5. DEn lilla ble kjempeflott. Gratulerer med dagen din i dag - håper du både får sydd litt, kosa dag masse og spist litt kake.

  6. Happy Birthday Hanne!
    We're kindred spirits, I too either have to be sewing or flicking thru mags, it's how I relax. My fingers and brain itch while I'm at work just thinking about what I'm going to do next!
    Hope you're having a lovely day!!

  7. Hei.
    I'm like you .... have to do something with fabrics every day..
    Happy birthday! The sun are shining here , so I hope it shines on you too.
    Kjempe klem ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday Hanne!
    May your day be filled with all the colors you love ...fabric ones that is :-)

  9. Happy Birthday Dear Hanne, it has been wonderful getting to know you through your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

  10. happy birthday Hanne!

    I need to sew every day too, if I don't sew, I feel like I forgot something really important and feel very uncomfortable. It does happen though sometimes, with 3 kids I cannot always feel comfortable :-)

  11. Happy birthday dear friend. Enjoy your day.
    What kind of quilter I am. Think you and me feel the same about this. A day with some stitches is a perfect day.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday to you Hanne! Have a great day. (May Britt send me!)

  13. Wishing you a happy birthday Hanne, and a year to come filled with love & stitches!

  14. Hanne...Best wishes to you on your birthday, I do hope you have a grand day...

  15. Hei Hanne, Gratulerer så mye med dagen din i dag. Håper dagen gir deg alt du ønsker deg. Klem fra Lena Karen

  16. Happy Birthday Hanne!
    Grattis på födelsedagen!

  17. Hey Hanne! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAR HUGS!!! Hmmm ... what sort of stitcher am I? I seem to have periods of several weeks where ALL I do in my spare time is stitch, especially if I have design deadlines looming, but then I get a bit burnt out and take a week to read or visit friends or watch TV - then I'm back to stitching!! Sometimes when I've been super busy in other areas of life and get tired, I'll have a little stitching break - and read craft mags instead! Hope you've had a happy day! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  18. Gratulerer så masse med dagen, håper du får ein fin dag. Når det gjeld kva type syer eg er er eg nok av dei som må sy litt kvar dag. om eg ikkje har sydd noko lurer eg på kva eg har tulla vekk dagen med. Helsing Jofrid

  19. Like you I am a constant quilter, even if it is only through reading books or magazines and planning the next one.

  20. Oh, and Happy, happy birthday too!

  21. Happy Birthday and happy stitching!

  22. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Happy Birthday Hanne!
    I hope you hade a wonderful dag toghter wit your family and friends. I wish you a great day with great brithdaycake and lots of presents ;-)

    Take care!

    ps Lovely projcet you hold on ds


  23. I hope that you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday Hanne!

  24. Happy och sunny Birthday to you, Hanne!
    I also need even only ONE tiny stitch per day. Otherwise my daylife feels so odd... And I 'can't' live without colours either...

  25. Happy Birthday Hanne.

  26. Happy Birthday! I would sing for you but then your birthday might not be so happy. Enjoy the day.

  27. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Gratulerer med fødselsdagen. Happy Birthday!

    I'm a quilter that prefers to be sewing each day but in practice currently manages once or twice a week. In between I'm thumbing through magazines or thinking up the latest new project to start on.

  28. Happy Birthday, Hanne! Take some time to do some sewing and relax...

  29. Gratulerer med dagen!

  30. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Happy BDay!

  31. Happy Birthday to you.....

    Have a wonderful day!!

  32. Gratulerer hjerteligst med dagen idag. Quiltene du jobber med blir kjempeflotte. Ønsker deg ei fin helg!

  33. Happy birthday, Hanne!

  34. Dear Hanne, Happy birthday!!!
    I love sewing and love sharing this passion with my quilting friends. If I am happy I sew, if I am sad I sew and like yourself, if for some reason I am not sewing in my spare time, for sure I am doing a related activity. Fabrics, thread and needle release me of stress.
    Is this crazy?
    Best regards from Spain

  35. Happy Birthday, dear Hanne! I'm so sorry I don't hear from you anymore but I do think of you often. I hope you had a wonderful day!


  36. Happy Birthday to you and hope you have many more.

    I am a wannabe quilter.

  37. Hanne - I'd like to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday! I lurk a lot and comment a little, but that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate every post! I always look forward to seeing what you do. Your idea of finding time to do at least a little stitching each day is an inspiration to me. Enjoy your birthday - I hope it is a very happy and satisfying one! (And thank May Britt for letting us all in on the secret!)

  38. Oi adoro teu blog,cada vez mais lindo,visite o meu também.

  39. Happy Birthday Hanne, Mary Britt sent me! I am a kind of in the middle sewer. Several times a week, either sewing or other hand work but I do save my best effort for weekends.

  40. Happy birthday and many more. I thought all serious quilters are like you, I am unless I'm sick or too tired.

  41. Gratulerer så mye med gårsdagen!!

    I går hadde jeg datafri,men en hilsen dagenderpå er jo ikke så værst det heller :o)

    God helg fra Kari Anne

  42. Gratulerer med gårsdagen! Håper du hadde en flott dag, med mange sygleder!

  43. Gratulerer fra meg også! Kos deg - hver dag - med det du er glad i å gjøre. Daglige doser er godt for oss. Og du er utrettelig, jeg er imponert over alle aksjonsquiltene dine.

  44. Hello Hanne! My name is Águida and I am here in Brazil. Where can I visit your blog and am delighted with all beauty of their work. My dream is a day to sew and create such beautiful pieces. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    A big hug.

  45. Happy Birthday Hanne. I like to sew something every day as well, or at least look at a quilt book or magazine or dream about a quilt.


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