Monday, April 20, 2009

The last serving of elephant ??


I am so happy I am finished with the machine quilting of the 3 care quilts!

I think I can meet my goal of 5 finishes before next Wednesday.

The goal for tomorrow is to get binding on one of the 3 care quilts! The bindings will go on all by machine.



  1. This is beautiful - I love the purple with the black. You've made tremendous progress!

  2. Kjempe fin quilt Hanne :-)
    Lykke til med målet 5 før 5

  3. You are doing great with the elephants

  4. I am glad to hear I am not the only person that thinks a machine binding is just fine on many many quilts.

  5. Machine binding is great, especially for quilts that are going to be washed and loved. The only time I'd do a hand binding is if I were going to enter the quilt in a big contest, with critical quilt-police type judges.

    Love all the purple in this one. :)


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