Thursday, April 02, 2009

On a roll (pun intended)


This morning I cut the pieces from the strips I sew yesterday while listening to book on CD.

Since I moved a lot of my stuff from the living room sewing corner to the sewing corner branch in DD1’s former bedroom I do again have space to be organized.
I love being organized - time spent looking for things are wasted time for me !


After I was done cutting all the wedges for the hexagons, I put them in this cute box and worked on 2 halves of a hexagon at a time. When  was done I could pile them neatly,
and before I knew it I had a fairly good pile and still had spare room on my desk :-)

By 5 pm I had finished all the 80  halves !!


I know how I will join these hexagon halves, but for now they will rest in the box. Maybe tomorrow I will spread them out on the floor and start joining the units, or maybe not - time will tell :-)

PS. for those wondering - I am using a 60 degree ruler for the cutting.



  1. Her går det jammen unna. Ser spennande ut. Helsing Jofrid

  2. Du verden for et TEMPO!
    Rgner med at du syr sammen halvdelene i remser, slik May Britt gjorde...
    Gleder meg til å følge med på fortsettelsen her :-)

  3. Dette er berre så freistande! Ser at nokre av stoffa har eg i lageret mitt, 3 godbitar eg kjøpte i Madrid... Så du er litt hekta på sekskantar for tida. Artig at det er mange måtar å sy dei på. Dette blir vel ein ny mani...fekk i alle fall veldig lyst...hehe.

  4. I love hexagons and I love your way of using a jelly roll!
    Looking forward to see the finished quilt! It will be great!!!

  5. Yes, I was wondering ...thanks. Also seeing the hexagon halves is great.

  6. Oh I am so enjoying watching your progress. I have 3 Jelly Rolls which I'm eager to use .... I have too many ideas though and your posts have just added yet another idea of how to use them. Decisions decisions ....

    Take care.

  7. Flott prosjekt du holder på med. Jeg er veldig spent på hvordan du takler alle spissene som møtes inne i midten på blokka. Har du noen tips kanskje??

  8. Dette ser lovende ut! Venter spent på neste episode :) Også så godt å ha god plass å jobbe på, enig med deg!!

  9. Ahhh Hanne...jättespännnade!!! Härlig ide!!

  10. Good work! Interesting way of stip piecing and use of ruler.

    Hugs from nancy

  11. Looks like a lot of fun Hanne

  12. What great ideas, Hanne! Love these Hex blocks.
    Does my name sound familiar to you? We met last Apr 08 in Shipshe. I am so happy to have found your blog.

  13. Oh wat an beautifull idea!
    now i want to go right now jet on the sewingmaschine!
    ...ohhh, my englisch is very bad!

    Best wishes

  14. hanne I like the way they are coming together. Good job!
    And congratulaions on your new sewing space.
    Linda L. In Tx.

  15. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Hanne...I'm so glad you left a message at my blog! I've never seen yours before and now can mark it in Favorites to return to...there is a lot of catching up for me to do here! I too have a jelly roll that has yet to be broken into....I could hear myself with your posting...loved that! Can't wait to see the finish of this quilt too.....lots to see on your blog for sure!

  16. Uff, da... og så jeg som har en JR som jeg ikke visste hva jeg skulle gjøre med... Dette blir bare kjempelekkert, og det går visst unna i superfart :o)

    Håper du har en riktig fin helg!

  17. This looks like fun:o) Your blocks looks so great, and this will be a beautiful quilt! Look forward to see them pieced together:O)
    Happy sewing:O)

  18. I am looking forward to the result!
    Congrat on your new sewing corner!

    (I have a younger kid and have my work table in the living room for now)

    Happy easter to you all!


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