Thursday, April 09, 2009

Several small finishes


I am in gift mood, sort of :-)

I have several birthdays to cover, so I have been diving into my BOB (box of blocks) and made makeup purses. These are all about 7”x 7”, more or less, and they can be used for a lot of things - makeup, meds, sewing kit + +

This one was sent to a dear relative of mine - I wonder whether it made it there before Easter - I hope so!


This one now belongs to my DD1, who turned 21 yesterday! Happy birthday dear one!!
This was only one of her gifts.
Her favourite was a computer, on which she can draw and write directly on screen. A lot of us chipped in on that one.


I baked cinnamon rolls and brownies yesterday morning, to serve with coffee in the afternoon when DD1 and her fiancé was here to celebrate her day.
I had to test one, with a cup of cappuccino, for lunch. It passed the test with flying colours :-)



  1. Love those little bags. They are so cute. Hope you are having fun!!!

  2. Looks like you already have some finishes for April:O)
    The toiletry bags are beautiful!
    Look forward to see the progress on your BOM. It's beautiful!
    Have a great weekend:O)

  3. Beautiful little bags! I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled with hers.


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