Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday progress

Both the remaining 2 quilts are now spray basted, thanks to my very good helpers, DH and DD2.
They are priceless when it comes to put the 3 layers of a quilts together! I am not at all good at doing anything on the floor, so I am so happy for their help!


A few good purchases this week:


I had a box of books from for a good price.
I have no trouble reading Swedish, so the 3 Stieg Larsson novels I bought in the original language, for only a fraction of the price of the translated books.
The Lost Quilter is the last of Jennifer Chiaverini’s novels.
I am expecting Sylvia’s Bridal Sample by the same author this upcoming week.
Capris send with free postage if one buy for over Norwegian Kroner 200, - ( 30 US dollars)  so I am waiting for another book as well, in the same package.


These chocolate boxes are quite popular for stitchery stuff, as you can fit small plastic dividers into them.

They are hard to come by, and I have never seen them in a shop before.

As you can see I already have one, and on Friday I saw boxes with chocolate for half price at a local shop. The Best Before date was April 11.
DH can have the chocolate if he wants - I guess it is absolutely all right, wrapped in plastic and all, and I can have the box - a good deal for both parties :-)
I don’t eat filled chocolate, as I am allergic to hazelnuts.


The green quilt is done, except for the binding!

I am not to pleased with the variegated quilting thread, as it turned out to be much lighter than is looked on the spool.
On the other hand - now it is used - and that is good!

I hope to do the machine quilting of the purple quilt tomorrow.
I still have quite a lot of work to do to catch up, and I have to finish at least 5 items before Wednesday next week.
It will be a busy week!



  1. Her går det unna, Hanne! Jeg ville ikke akkurat luktet at du var trøtt og sliten når jeg ser på alt du har fått til her... gi deg selv en god klapp på skulderen!! Og en klapp til de som er på gulvet også, de er gode å ha.
    (PS: Hvor fant du de sjokoladeboksene? Var det flere igjen??) :)

  2. You go girl, I know you can do it!!!

  3. What terrific helpers! I can't believe you have it quilted already. I am also looking forward to receiving The Lost Quilter. I have read all her books and this is the next one.

  4. It is always great to get some help Hanne and the quilt looks fantastic.

  5. Hanne, The quilts are looking great, what a fabulous DH and DS you have. Fancy being allergic to hazelnuts, I adore hazelnuts and can't imagine them without chocolate surrounding them.

  6. Så heldig du er som har så gode hjelpere! Og quiltene blir flotte.

  7. Oj. Jeg var så heldig å få en slik fin boks til jul. Vet du hvor jeg kan få tak i de små plastik "boksene" som du har inni? Det såg jo bare så ryddig og oversiktlig ut...
    God helg!


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