Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When life give you scraps, make quilts !


Nothing is as good as a day of quilting when I need a break !
Besides getting my house ready for visitors I have nearly finished my Noah’s Ark BOM quilt. I am only lacking the binding now.

Another thing that is really calming and nice to do is to sort fabrics !
I have just bought these neat boxes at IKEA and now they are filled with goodies.
When I come home from NQT 2009, in Gothenburg Sweden, I will sort more in the boxes and enjoy all my treasures.

We are leaving for Gothenburg early Thursday morning and coming home on Sunday night.

I will bring my computer, so I hope to check in during the weekend.



  1. Jeg ser at syrommet kommer på plass med ordning og reda.... spennende!

  2. We are going to have a smashing time in Gøteborg :)

  3. I will enjoy every post you made.. will be sitting here and sigh and damn myself for not having money to go!!!! :o((
    So thankyou for beeing an "eye" of the event!!! :o)
    HAve FUN!!!! :o)

  4. Noah's ark i bare en farve er så fint. Tror jeg må lage meg en til....
    God tur til Gøteborg. jeg begynner å angre litt på at jeg meldte meg av....

  5. Så fint det ble med Noahs ark i en farge. Har ikke begynt på den enda, men den ligger i bakhodet som en ide til et tantebarn som kommer i august. Ble inspirert da jeg så din versjon! Kos dere masse i Gøteborg - hent inspirasjon og ideer! God helg! Bodil

  6. Have a nice trip to Gøteborg! As always, I'm a bit evnious... Your Noah is so cute!

  7. Your Noah's Ark looks lovely in red! Have a great weekend away! :0)

  8. Have heaps of fun at NQT!!! Take care and travel safe!

  9. Du får ha en riktig god tur til Gøteborg.Jeg skal av gårde fra torsdag til lørdag og gleder meg masse :-)

  10. Oh, you lucky ducky, going to the show. That's wonderful! Take lots of pics to share - I'll be watching your blog for a post!
    Travel safe, but have fun!

  11. Ok, Hanne... I think I've fixed that "no-reply" blogger thing. Thank you for explaining how to do that!

  12. Congratulations Hanne, I have only collected the designs and looked in the direction of my light box a few times.
    Well done for getting it this far.

  13. Hey Hanne! WOW! You're Noah's Ark quilt is looking FABULOUS!! Can't wait to see it all finished! And it sounds like you had a fantastic adventure at the quilt convention - have been admiring May Britt's photos of the wonderful quilts - bet you both have a few funny stories to tell, too! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS


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