Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy birthday Norway

17th May - Norway’s National Day
- a combination of celebrating the Constitution from 1814, Independence Day and Memorial Day.
Through history Norway has been under both Sweden and Denmark, and we were also occupied by Germany during WW2.
So as a free and independent country Norway does not have a long history.

Norway has a strong and colourful emigrant history, as we were among the poorest countries in Europe up to WW2.
Compared to the population, Norway and Ireland “exported” most people to USA.
I know many Norwegians and people with Norwegian roots are celebrating 17th May around the world !

My beautiful DDs from last Sunday. DD1 is studying this weekend, for her upcoming final exam. We miss you today!

DD2 ready to meet with friends right now, with the red jacket over the National Costume.

She looks smashing good, both front and back :-)

We are going to DMIL in a couple of hours, for food and cakes, true to family tradition.
I will also dress in my National Costume :-)

May you all have a lovely celebration wherever you are !
Today it is a lovely sunny day, with blooming tulips. Last year it was snowing.



  1. Thank you for the bit of history! I just love the national costume. Happy Birthday Norway!

  2. Your daughters looks lovely! I love the costumes & the little purses hanging on the side is really neat!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  3. All your photos and writings are Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! My paternal grandfather's family emigrated from Stavanger and I feel a closeness to Norway. Thank you for sharing.
    Cathy in Shipshe

  4. great national costumes.........

  5. What beautiful photos. My father was Norweigan and I still have a lot of family there so I always love seeing the national costumes and seeing how special days are celebrated.

  6. Det er to flotte jenter du har, Hanne :o) Og de har nydelige bunader. Du har all grunn til å være stolt av dem. Klem

  7. Plutseleg har du ei masse innlegg eg ikkje har lese eller kommentert! Ser du har hatt flotte dagar med slekt i vest. Døtrene dine er fantastiske i bunadane sine! Ja, dagane flyg verkeleg, no er det ein månad til sommarferien for små og store i skulevesenet.

  8. For noen staselige jentutter du har, Hanne:o) Så fine de er i nasjonaldraktene sine:o)
    Håper dere hadde en fin dag i går.
    Den JPN-quilten blir jo bare så nydelig da! herlige stoffer!
    Ha en herlig mai-uke:o)

  9. Flotte bunader jentene dine har!

  10. The costumes are spectacular, the girls even more!


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