Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Danish favourite


This shop got the best part of my shopping money :-)

Quilt My Design has the loveliest patterns and kits - and I don’t usually care for kits at all !!!
They had all their patterns without fabrics too, so I bought a little of both - 3 kits, 3 patterns only, 3 fabric packs and 5 small pieces - less than fat quarters (nearly fat eights). All fabrics are Japanese.


Linette (to the left) also gave out small name tag kits for every purchase, like the one she is wearing.
I got a pile - I say no more :-))
On Sunday they laughed when they saw me - hehehehe
I think I will use the houses for a small quilt or something.


This is a web shop only - go visit and enjoy :-)

I am looking forward to meet you again, online!



  1. wow so many lovely show and beautiful quilts...........thanks for sharing.......

  2. Nice shopping Hanne..took a look at the shop... and you were right.. a lot of nice things there!!! :O)))


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