Thursday, May 28, 2009


Let me show you more from the shopping area.
The Danish shops did not want any photos taken, so I will show you my 2 favourite shops from Norway - Lappemakeriet and Quiltegaarden :-)

Lappemakeriet :

P1020727 P1020718  P1020720 P1020721 P1020722 P1020723


 P1020725 P1020726P1020719

Trine (one of the owners) hand piecing right before the closing on Sunday afternoon. I do not have a photo of  Anne Kjersti - maybe she is happy about that ? ;-)
Being on your feet through 3 days straight, in a crowd beyond belief should earn you both medals !!
I am so happy this is my “local” shop and I am sure the photos tells you why :-)


Sølvi ( to the left) and Siw - working hard under not so good conditions.
P1020728  P1020730 


I was not able to take photos before Sunday afternoon as the room was so crowded, so I see that a lot of the goods are gone in both shops.
I am happy for you and I hope you both had a very good sale numbers, as you really deserve it !!


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  1. Här hade jag gärna varit och handlat!!! :o)))


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