Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Sunday


The church confirmation last Sunday was a lovely event!

The theme for the table was music, and as you see even the bread rolls on the smorgasbord was right :-)

Brage’s grandmother on his mother’s side (my favourite aunt) filled the photo album I made with a lot of photos from his life - an album to treasure!
We all contributed to his greatest wish - money for an electrical piano.
We are all looking forward to hear new songs and music from you !!


Here is the handsome young confirmand and his family.


Here is my beautiful DD1 in her National costume from the region Telemark, embroidered by my dear mother in law. My dear father in law embroidered the shirts, with the tiniest cross stitches.


DD2’s National costume was ready just in time for this church confirmation. She looked great!
DD2 is also a very skilled photographer :-)

We were all very happy and honoured to spend the day with our family - it was a Great day !!

We are looking forward to see you all again before long !


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  1. Guess what?
    You said < My dear father in law embroidered the shirts, with the tiniest cross stitches.>

    In your country men go to embroider, cross-stitching? Is it what to be true?

    You could leave your reply just here, I'll come to check it. Tks in advance.


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