Saturday, May 09, 2009

On the road again :-)

It has been a very busy week and I have been working on my deadline projects.


A photo album cover for my first cousin’s son who is celebrating his church confirmation this Sunday - done


Brage  Kristian is a very good young musician. His band, which also won prizes in 2008, has a website, The Battery Band.


I had a very great time finishing the Easter Bunny stitcheries. Keep tuned for the progress next week :-)

I am also working on some Just Plain Nuts blocks.
Doing them in Japanese fabrics they are looking very nice!


Here we are again - at my favourite aunt’s, for Brage Kristian’s church confirmation.

We had a gorgeous drive yesterday, 7 hours north west,  through all kinds of weather, except snow. The snow is still in the mountains though, the leaves are new on the trees.

I have never been here in May before - I love it !
The sceneries are beautiful in the spring !



  1. Hils til tanten! Og tillykke med konfirmasjonen i morra.

  2. Ja, her e d væl fint:)Takk for besøket og lykke te i morra.

  3. Kos deg i morgen, og jeg tør vedde konfirmanten blir skikkelig glad for den fine gaven :o)
    Gleder meg masse til å se de nye blokkene dine:o) Det var like før jeg slo til, og kjøpte boka sist jeg var hos Siw, men holdt meg hard, så jeg får gjort ferdig litt av det jeg har ifra før;o) Må jo få ferdig noen DJ-blokker også:-)

  4. Love those bunnies!! The picture at your Aunt's house is beautiful.

  5. Your rabbits are soooooooooo cute. Have to make progress on mine now.

  6. Lykke til i dag. Flott gave til konfirmanten det.

  7. Flott gave til konfirmanten!

  8. Oh Hanne...Not the Just Plain Nuts blocks. I can't believe you would even think about another big project like that after Nearly Insane and Dear Jane. OK Well, yes I could. Ha!! Ha!!! Your projects are wonderful.

  9. There was a "Just plain nuts" quilt in a recent quilt show...I looked at it for the longest time! Truly wonderful! I will look forward to seeing your progress.

  10. Kjempetøft album, sikkert midt i blinken for konfirmanten! Og... det er fint der oppe i mai :)

  11. Flott gave til konfirmanten. Det og gjøre det personlig er et pluss. Ønsker deg en riktig fin 17 mai

  12. Your Nearly insane- quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Where have you bought your Nearly insane and Just plain nuts- books? It seems nearly impossible to find them... (I live in Finland). It would be interesting to try to make those quilts!


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