Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An award and a big Thank You!


What a lovely award - thank you very very much, Merete, Sheila, Sjoko, Jofrid, Steinkjerringa.

I am supposed to pick 5 new award winners, but I get stalled in the picking out, since I think there are so many wonderful blogs out there.

I want to give this award to all the lovely bloggers - for the daily inspiration you bring and the lovely comments you give.

I also want to give this award to all my readers - to all of you that I have met on- and offline, and to all of you I have not met (yet ?).

I will also give this award to all who comments to me in person that you read my blog.

And not to forget - to the blog readers anonymous - I hope I can continue to bring you inspiration :-)

To all of you, a wonderful day - may the roses brighten your day too !



  1. Your blog is my favorite and is my home page because your photos and writings are so lovely- plus the quilts! Please go see my sylvan-woman blogspot if you would like to see what I've been doing with roses this lovely June in Shipshewana! Cathy

  2. Hanne...your blog always inspires me! Thank you! Ranette


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