Thursday, June 25, 2009

A wonderful Tuesday

On Tuesday I needed to shop for the basket quilt I am working on, an there is no better day to go to Lappemakeriet than Tuesdays, for Kaffelappen - Coffee Patch, between 11 am and 2 pm.
There one can enjoy the shop, meet like minded people and have coffee and cake - and if time allows, bring hand work.

Lappemakeriet moved in to new locations, 3 houses down the road, this weekend, and now all is on one floor.
The coffee room / class room is lovely and I am looking forward to spend time there, both as teacher and as student.
The 4 photos above is from the  class room.

On the walls you can see the 3 ongoing BOMs in the shop - lovely, right ? :-)

The chocolate cake Anne-Kjersti had baked to celebrate the first Coffee Patch in the new shop was gorgeous - the chocolate cream so smooth and tasty……….. yummy :-)

Here are some impressions from the shop:

Torunn’s lovely vintage tea towel turned into a beautiful quilt :-)


Randi at the cutting table

The shop is light and fresh and very well organized - full of temptations of all kinds. 

P1030006      P1030007P1030008
Everything was displayed in a very pleasant way.
Even the restroom was decorated in a lovely way:
P1030011P1030012   P1030013
Outside the front door was no exception - temptations and eye candy galore:
P1030018 P1030019
A bargain table too, outdoors in the sun:
P1030023  P1030021 P1030022

My purchases and bargains will be presented in the next post :-)



  1. I want to go there tooooooooooo. Very soon :)

  2. Åååå hvor du frister oss andre... Må se å komme meg ut dit en tur jeg også:-)

  3. No freistar du veldig! Flotte bilete frå Lappemakeriet. Må dit snart!

  4. wow hanne what a pretty shop......would be so nice to go there and have coffee, cake and a chat.........

  5. Misunnelig - misunnelig - misunnelig - de har jammen fått det flott der ute på bærums verk!

  6. Kjekt å få sjå bilder av butikken!


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