Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A fabulous weekend

- and the last teaching for this season.

I was invited to teach in Kragerø, at Broderibua, and the topic was Kaleidoscope.

Friday morning the car was loaded with luggage and class models, and I was driving south quite early in the day.
I had a break and a stop about half way there, and I guess you are not surprised I combined the stop with a quilt shop experience :-)

Here is some glimpses from Quiltefryd (Quilt Joy) :-)

P1020793 P1020787
I met my friend Lena Karen at the door when I was ready to leave, so I had to take a retour of some of the fabrics with her :-)

Lena Karen was on a day trip with her quilt group.

I don’t need to tell you that I have a super soft spot for CW repros and Japanese fabrics, do I ?


In the embroidery department one can sit down and enjoy the patterns and all.

What I bought?


The fabrics are for a new quilt that I have drawn in EQ6 - stay tuned for that one :-)
The patterns are just for enjoying !

I am adding Quiltefryd to my list of Norwegian favourite quilt shops and will be back, even if it is quite a long drive from my home.



  1. Oj oj oj... vilket perfekt stopp på vägen... :o))
    Såg en himla massa där som jag kunde tänka mig...:o)))

  2. Hvilken deilig tur. Og det er ikke alltid målet i seg selv som et toppen. Ofte er det i kombinasjon med veien dit. Dette var et eksempel i rekken på nettopp det.
    Flotte stoffer du har snopt.

  3. Desse stoffa er no akkurat i mi gate, for å seie det mildt! Må sjekke ut denne butikken på nettet.
    Er kjempespent på kva du har klekka ut på eq-en din denne gongen.

  4. How wonderful to see you traveling around and teaching again.

    You had some creative people in your class.


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