Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kragerø / Broderibua weekend

Kragerø district is so beautiful!

The quilt shop Broderibua is situated in Anne Berit’s garden and the garden and the house is down by the sea.

45 people, including the 3 teachers, attended the weekend quilt retreat, from Friday to Sunday, and we were served the most delicious meals through the whole weekend.
When not in the classrooms we were in 2 party tents in the garden.




We had the most wonderful weather on Sunday, but experienced rather cold weather both Friday and Saturday.

Broderibua’s owner, Anne Berit, is a gorgeous lady, doing everything to make us feel comfortable at Saturday night dinner.

P1020814 P1020832

First we got the most delicious home made fish soup, and after we got shrimps on very good bread.
As dessert is was home made cheese cake and coffee.

This is my next door room mate and co-teacher Ann.


Here she is telling the most funny story about how she was not prepared for cold days here in the south, and how she had packed only light summer clothes, and now had put them all on to keep warm - bath suit included - and now was NOT looking forward to go to the bathroom. I am still laughing out loud thinking about her story.

Ann and I shared a guest house and we had a good time together. She is a lovely person !


Ellen and Ann was keeping warm after all :-)


Check Elisabeth’s cute wine box :-)
Vinity Case - just suitable for a lady.


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