Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Heath wave stitchery


It is to hot for machine sewing, + 30 degrees C in the shade and no AC in our one storey house, but it is still good for stitchery - isn’t it always ? :-)

I brought this stitchery on the trip on Saturday and it is done now.

I dedicate this block to a special friend who is going through a very very rough patch right now.
I had her in my mind all Saturday.
She is like a sunflower - shining bright on all who knows her, growing in little soil.
The bunnies fits the metaphors too - we are all hoping for a new spring for you dear friend !

I finished another block for this quilt yesterday. You have seen  the stitchery before, and the saying still goes :-)




  1. Your friend is very fortunate to have you as her caring friend!

  2. lovely stitchery looks good............hope your friend is ok......


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