Thursday, June 11, 2009

This & That

It has been a busy week, and I am looking forward to the weekend :-)


This cute little stitchery I sent as a birthday gift to a friend last weekend, together with a small book and some candies  :-)
The design is from Annie Downs, Hatched and Patched, and the frame is from Ikea.


When I have a lot on my plate I still enjoy my morning thread(s) with my early morning tea, and you all know how these threads add up!
Before you know it, something is finished :-)

This Christmas stocking stitchery I started when going to Gothenburg for NQT in May.
I will finish it as I stitched it, one thread at a time, through next week maybe ?


I am prepping hexagons for the weekend, and I can see that I will be busy for a while, doing 54 filler flowers in this colour combination.
Remember the BOM I am working on ?

I am sure I will keep busy through the summer with these + the focus flowers.
54 filler flowers + 40 focus flowers = 94 flowers x 7 hexagons = 658 hexagons.

I know I can not commit myself to do one flower a day, but I can commit myself to enjoy the process and do one thread at a time. Not bad at all :-)



  1. I love the stitcheries! I know what you mean about committing to do so many hexagon flowers per day. It is tough. I enjoy the process too, but have no illusions at how long it will really take.

  2. I really like the framed stitchery you gave your friend. A very nice gift.

  3. Hanne, I love your christmas stocking stitchery. Are you able to tell us who the pattern is by?

  4. Nice gift for a nice friend. Beautiful.
    Keep up the hexagons. But don’t count. It takes time to se the lawn grow. Just enjoy.

  5. Du er jammen en flittig "maur" - og så fine broderier du har laget!

  6. Stitcheriet til julestrømpa er nydelig!! BOMen du holder på med blir kjempeflott, og kjenner jeg deg rett er det ikke lenge til den er ferdig:-)

  7. One of my treasured gifts from you is your encouragement to do just a few projects and finishing them before moving on.

    While you are enjoying your morning threads and tea remember that on the other side of the world I am doing the same.


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