Saturday, July 04, 2009

Some happy, sunny, busy days - part 3

Thursday we went shopping again !!

First a baby shop with ecological clothes and yarn.
Elin is expecting a grandchild :-)

Next to the baby shop is a yarn shop I have not visited for 20 years.
They are very well stocked in embroidery floss too, so I will be back :-)

They carry all the DMC variegated embroidery floss, as well as linen floss and some pearl cotton :-)

After that we went to Kathrines Quilte Stue downtown Oslo.
Elin looks happy :-)

P1030163 P1030162    



I could not pass a few temptations here either, but by now, I feel all shopped out ;-)


A cute little hen ornament from a bargain box.
30 cm fabric, some embroidery floss, a stitchery pattern and a packet of Bronwyn Hayes quilt labels.


Elin went home on Friday morning, by bus.
She is a lovely lady and a very pleasant person to spend time with, so I hope she will be back before to long  :-)



  1. Här hade jag med våld fått dras ifrån... :o)) Hoppas att de hade öppet länge!!! :o))

  2. Herlig tur du har vært på ser det ut til.

  3. Linen floss!! OOOooo.... ;D

  4. Ser ut som om dere har hatt en flott tur, med masse Q-vitamin innsprøytning. Nå ser det ut som om vi kanskje får noen dager hvor vi kan jobbe med prosjektene våre inne også:-)


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