Friday, July 31, 2009

A Teeny Tiny OPAM Finish


A small finish is still a finish :-)

It came to mind that today is the last day of July and I had no finishes to my name.
Since I have been faithful to doing the OPAM - One Project A Month - through the first 6 months, I could not fail now, could I ?

For a very long time I have thought about making something to hang on the electrical fuse cupboard in our entrance area - next to the hanging jackets as you see.
Our entrance area is very small, not much more than 1 square meter, so even if the knob hanging is just a 5” square, it will be visible to all that enters our home  :-)
I finished the stitchery last year.

I could have put lavender in the knob hanger, if I had some. I stuffed the knob hanger lightly with poly fill.



  1. cute stitchery...........Anni Downs isn't it.......

  2. You have learned from me :)
    Even a tiny little finish is a finish for OPAM. Love it!!

  3. Those special touches are what make a home people enjoy........

  4. So cute - love the saying too!


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