Saturday, August 01, 2009

What I have been up to :-)


The Sunshine Frolics top is done !!
From first stitchery stitch to finished top in 5 weeks.
I can tell you these last 4 weeks has been very wet - it has been raining every day.

I had to shop for a new border.

The border in the kit was only a 40” piece, and the inner part of this quilt is 45” !
I see that the designer write that you have to join pieces to get a long enough border, so the shop has only followed the enclosed material list.
However - when I put so much time and money into a quilt I am NOT willing to join pieces to make the border long enough - especially when the border is a fabric with printed roses!!


Here is the fabrics that came with the kit. First a green border that had to be joined to suitable length too, and then a floral on pink and a red and white stripe for binding.


Here is my new choice - no green first border,  floral on cream background for the one and only border and a pink binding.
I want this quilt to look light and romantic :-)

The light green you get a glimpse of is the backing.
I will machine quilt this quilt myself, but not before after summer.

I’ll tell you more about the shopping trip tomorrow :-)



  1. Goodness, that is quick!!!!

    I do love the new border fabric you have chosen....roses....perfect!!!

  2. I agree with you. Piecing a large print border on a quilt like that is not acceptable. It's really beautiful!

  3. I love the quilt, and I like your choice of border best :)

  4. Kjempelekkert, Hanne! Forstår at det har vært mye fint sy-vær hos deg ;-) for dette gikk da kjemperaskt!

  5. You did the right choice. Your new fabrics is the best one for this quilt.

  6. Ohhhhhhhh...........Delightful....

    You are right about your color choices. The pink looks much softer than the green.

    I am still working on my Leanne's Journey........ Almost at the half way mark............

  7. Jeg syns du har gjort noen riktige valg her. Flott stoff til kant, og å velge bort det mørke grønne katestoffet, har du fått en feminin og nydelig quilt. Hadde det funnet en hurtighets-award skulle du ha fått den :o)

  8. Dette er imponerande, både når det gjeld fart og resultat! Kanskje får du plass til den i kofferten enten i september eller i november?

  9. Gratulerer. Dette så bare helt topp ut

  10. Sunshine Frolics turned out magnificent! Too bad you have to shop for a border after buying a kit, but I sure wouldn't want to piece a border on that either!

  11. I like your choice of a border so much more but how frustrating that you have to shop for more fabric after buying a kit.

  12. Love your new fabrics, I cant believe you did all that stitching in just 5 weeks. I need to employ you as my sample stitcher!

  13. Beautiful quilt and gorgeous 'new' fabrics.

    I can't wait to see it after you've added your magic touch to it, Hanne.

  14. Nydelig! Helt enig i bytte av rammestoff, gleder meg til å se teppet helt ferdig (på augustmøte i LQK?)

  15. *Contulations. I know the feeling. Keep it for a while. It is just like any other wictory.


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