Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Focus projects this week


I am so easily fooled, by myself  ;-))

If I pick only 2 projects to work on at a time, I really see good progress, and it is like a good dose of instant gratification :-)

The first photo is from Sunday afternoon - the hexagon   BOM from  Lappemakeriet and a summer challenge I signed up for at Fabrikkutsalget, Brumunddal, receiving this little kit.

I am behind on the BOM and the challenge is due very soon.

Progress Monday night:


The pile of background hexagon flowers from the previous photo + some more flowers joined to 5 full rows.
Now only lacking 3 rows to be done with the hexagon flowers, plus the edge fillers.


The challenge is coming along too :-)



  1. Nydelige sekskantroser du holder på med. Skal på Lappemakeriet i morgen. Regner med at det blir med noe hjem igjen.


  2. It is difficult but I am getting better at focusing on few projects. And you are right. It does get them finished faster.

  3. You are doing great. Lovely projects. Looking forward to see how you do. I got faith in you.

  4. En liten hilsen til deg på bloggen min :o)

  5. These are beautiful, I'm assuming you're hand piecing them? I just started hand piecing some myself and am enjoying them - I do very little handwork but I'm learning as I go along.


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