Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A rare moment in the sun

On Saturday we went to Ikea, bed shopping. We have had the same bed for many year, and the mattresses were no good anymore.

On our way home we bought some strawberries and raspberries to enjoy out on the porch, in the sun.


We have had 4 weeks of days with rain now, so it is important to enjoy the good moments!


No further comments needed on this one - berries with cream and sugar :-)



  1. That does look good........ Glad you have the sunshine again. It does make the heart joyous to see that beautiful sun.

  2. Hey Hanne! Ooooohh!! Those berries look super yummo!! I know how you feel about that wonderful sun - we've had a week's break from our nasty cold winter and had almost spring type weather here in Toowoomba - so wonderful to not have to rug up!! I think it will get cold a bit more before the real spring arrives, but boy oh boy are we making the most of the lovely warm weather - just like you! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS


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