Thursday, August 27, 2009

A lovely weekend was had by all

The days are flying by here - and suddenly it is Thursday again ……..

I am behind on blogging, so I will start with Friday last week.

My dear friend Bente has just turned 50, and this was her quilt friend party, with quilt class included :-)

I was the lucky teacher, and the theme was Kaleidoscope.
I decided to give the class to Bente as a gift, and it was a pleasure for me to teach.
Location: Bente’s sewing room.

We started on Friday - first Bente + May Britt and I - chatting and laughing --- and admiring Bente’s lovely hexagon quilt :-)

Shhh - I am behind on mine…….. :-))

Bente’s quilt(s) in the making.

See this beauty ! It belongs to Inger Solveig (below)

We are all admiring the quilt and the quilting :-)


May Britt and Bente

We are discussing different hand quilting possibilities.

Friday evening, after lovely cakes and coffee, we cut pieces for the blocks and started to sew.

Inger and Bente on one wall.

P1030457  P1030460

May Britt on the opposite wall

P1030459   P1030462 P1030463 
Siv Hege, Inger Solveig og Tove shared a table in the middle, and I was here and there and everywhere, with some hexagons for hand sewing when I had time :-)

Food and cakes was in abundance, both days, and we had a lovely party Saturday night after class, with seafood.

It is autumn here now, but we were lucky with the weather on Sunday morning, so we could have a nice time outdoors as well, before May Britt and I was heading home again.


It was a lovely weekend, with a lot of Vitamin Q !

Thanks for a lovely weekend, Bente - it was  a weekend to remember with joy  :-))
I am looking forward to seeing you all again!



  1. Ser ut som om dere hadde en koselig helg, og kalideoscope teppene blir jo så flotte!

  2. Anonymous1:10 pm

    A lovely weekend indeed, you must have had: charming friends, gorgeous quilts and such a beautiful space to work in with a view on the outside. Waouh ! Thank you for sharing all this.

  3. All the ingredients for a grand

  4. Vilken härlig helg.... väldigt behövligt och fantastiskt kul!! :o)

  5. what a wonderful weekend this much quilting fun and friendship..........


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