Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to the quilt corner

All guests have now left and it is time to get back to the quilt corner.

First a couple of photos from a down town trip to Oslo with my favourite aunt on Thursday.


It’s the dream we carry that something wonderful shall happen. Olav H. Hauge.
Pavement decoration outside the National Theatre


Quilt inspiration in a book store :-)


Sewing goodies through the window at a jewellery shop.


Get lost - this is MY terrace !!
Should have come with a sound track. A strong Get Lost sound from the furball.

The hexagon quilt closing in of half done - 2 long joining seams and edge fillers missing.

In the box - the rest of the white background flowers done and joined into rows + 3 rows of dark flowers not yet done. The last package with the 8th dark flower row not yet received.



  1. Hanne, your hexagon quilt is absolutely beautiful. I have recently inherited an unfinished hexagon quilt that my grandma started in the early 80's and wasn't able to finish before she died. I've never done anything with hexagons; I'm a little anxious to finish it--lack of experience and no desire to mess up my grandma's beautiful handiwork! She hand cut and hand-pieced everything!

    Seeing your piece is inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Lovvvvvve your hexagon quilt! Can hardly wait to see it completed.

  3. Så kjekt at du fekk med eit sitat av favorittpoeten min då! Visste ikkje at dette fanst i hovudstaden. Det ser ut til at du har hatt masse moro og avveksling frå kvardagen, men at du truleg gledar deg til å vere attende i QC!

  4. Hej Hanne! Vi sa hej till varandra hos Lappelisa i somras! Susanne, min sykompis, hittade din blogg :) Och då tittar jag förbi och beundrar alla dina saker du skapat! Mycket vackra saker att vila ögonen på! Ha en fortsatt bra söndag!


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