Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hexagons Galore


Half a quilt is a lot of hexagons, a lot of stitches and a sore fingertip :-)

I still enjoy the process very much, every stitch of it!
I am done with the background flowers for the other half of the quilt, and right now I am only lacking the last 20 focus flowers.

Who would think that I would enjoy hand piecing this much, with my stiff spastic hands ? Not me!
In fact I think my hands improves by hand stitching :-)

Hand work, a cup of hot beverage and a book on CD - life is good !!



  1. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Hanne, your project is so beautiful. Good practice for hand stitching indeed ;-)

  2. I love your quilt I have toyed with the idea of a hexagon quilt for ages but not sure I have the staying power.

  3. Love the colors you have chosen! This will be a lovely quilt!

  4. Denne quilten er veldig lun og behagelig å se på, den gir meg assosiasjoner om nettopp de gode tingene på slutten av innlegget ditt :)


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