Thursday, September 24, 2009

It’s hard :-)

Yes, it is hard to pull the ribbon and open a beautiful kit!


I bought this kit in Shipshewana in April, 2008, at Lolly’s, and it has pleased my eyes ever since.

But - today is the day, and the ribbon is off, strips cut and blocks started.
These Civil War fabrics are so beautiful - life is good :-)



  1. Oh that's going to be so beautiful when it's done! Good for you opening it up and getting started! :0)

  2. Those fabrics are beautiful! Can't wait to see them put together into a beautiful quilt!


  3. Skjønner ikke hva du sikter til, - det kan da ikke være så vanskelig å sette kniven i et stykke stoff?
    Joda, jeg vet hvordan det er, selvom jeg nå har blitt mye flinkere til å ville bruke stoffer så de ikke blir for "gamle" på hylla.

    Gleder meg til å se resultatet!

  4. Oi så flotte stoffer! Jeg gleder meg til å se blokkene:o) Jeg har kutta striper til en log cabin, men mine er 1,5" og jeg tør ikke lage de mindre:o)
    Lykke til med prosjektet:o)
    God helg,

  5. I think that's a sign of a real quilter.... you appreciate fabric for the sake of fabric itself.... but it will be beautiful all cut up and put back together.

  6. Oh this is a gorgeous kit! And I know the feeling that it's difficult to cut the ribbon on a lovely bundle of fabrics :o) But you know, you will have such a beautiful quilt in the end, so that first cut is definitely worth it!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs and stitches from me

  7. What a wonderful CW bundle....and I love the pattern (I have the pattern, but haven't made it yet).

    I'll be following your progress on the quilt.

  8. I bought that kit and I bought it in the Christmas colors too and I just now started the Christmas one. How weird is that?

    2 things: Don't do like I did and cut all that beautiful fabric into 1" strips right away. I don't think it's going to take all of it and then you'll be stuck with 1" strips of beautiful fabric.

    And the other thing is I really hate making log cabin blocks. Turns out, I didn't know that until now!

    Have fun.

  9. I know the feeling :)
    But it is also so fun to work with lovly fabrics. This wil be a beautiful quilt.

  10. How much you are going to enjoy putting this quilt together.

  11. Hanne I have the Broken Star pattern also. I have the strips cut from my autumn fabric stash. I will be waiting to see photos of your finished top.

  12. Oh, it's going to be beautiful, Hanne! Can't wait to see it pieced! And I'm jealous you got to shop at Lolly's!!!! One day.....!!!


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