Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The best laid plans of men and mice



Originally my plan was to not start anything new before the end of the month, but then Australian Homespun magazine arrived….

This stitchery by Lynette Anderson is so cute and May Britt and I will meet Lynette on Monday 2nd November!
Check Kathrines Quilte Stue for details if you want to be there too.
Lynette is teaching a class and giving a trunk show.
I am so excited and full of anticipation :-)

From foggy and wet weather we now have got some crisp and clear sunshine days. Crisp and clear autumn days often bring frost. Frosted lavender looks good :-)


Oh, I wish I could curl up like the beloved furball and have a looong nap – it would be lovely, but I better get back to my long to do list.

The laptop is still dead – now with a new hard disk but with the wrong restore software. I am waiting for new software to arrive by mail. Maybe today ?? I am crossing my fingers!!

Nothing is working well on this old computer – it is slow and the programs shuts down all the time. The only thing that works fairly well is Live Writer, so I can blog, and I guess that is one thing I should be grateful for :-)
The old computer will be a good fix-it-if-you-can project for DH this winter – reformatting and rebuilding it – but not before I have got my laptop back in working order!



  1. You will just love Lynette, she is a such a sweet person and very talented. Looking forward to seeing your pics.

  2. Hei Hanne ;)
    kor heldige du er som får møte Lynette ;)
    Hennes mønster er jo berre så herlige - kor får du tak i det austraske bladet ?
    Smil fra monika og eit solfylt sunnmøre ;)

  3. Veit du om Lynette skal vitje andre stader i kongeriket, eller kjem ho berre for den eine happeningen i Oslo?
    Kos deg!

  4. Looking forward to meet you and Lynette.
    And you better get that d.... computer working soon LOL
    Miss you at msn


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