Sunday, October 04, 2009

A wonderful busy weekend

My dear friend May Britt celebrated her 50th birthday this weekend, and we were happy to join her for the celebration :-)


May Britt’s cat Frida checked out May Britt’s DD Lena’s party shoes the evening before the party.
The shoes really are proof tasted now - to funny :-))

I can not remember what kept us all so concentrated - but it sure is a nice photo!
From the left: Me, Bente, May Britt, Nancy - the napkin folders gang :-)

I have shown you Bente’s hexagon quilt before, during the construction - it is so beautiful, and she is now less than a dozen pieces from finished with the quilt centre. Bente is a great inspiration to me!
I still have a way to go on my top….. ;-)

Since Bente now was out of hexagon pieces, she took on some of May Britt’s binding sewing.


May Britt is giving the welcome to my party speech, introducing all her guests.

May Britt’s DD gave us a lovely here is your life slideshow showing her mother from birth until young adult.

Songs were sung, games and jokes were played on May Britt and gifts were given.

Here she receives a wonderful one of a kind broche, hand made by a goldsmith for the occasion,  from Nancy -
The Golden Needle, complete with a diploma :-)


Friends on- and offline had joined forces to give May Britt this quilt:


Inger Lise and Anne Ida had finished the top, and the exquisite quilting was done by Merete at
You know I already have a very soft spot for Merete’s work :-)

Here are just a small selection of May Britt’s other gifts:

Here is one that I admired very much


A needle book and treasure keeper, from Stina :-)

Thanks for letting us participate in your big day May Britt!
As always, it has been a pleasure to spend time with you dear friend :-)



  1. Thanks for showing us some photos from May Britts special and fantastic party with friends and family!!!
    What a happy day for her!!! :o)

  2. Tusen takk for titten, dette såg kjempegøy ut. Presangen frå Stina er jo berre sååå knas, og teppet "vårt" blei jo kjempefint!

  3. Anonymous9:43 pm

    THANKS for these lovely pictures, dear Hanne ! Looks like you all had great fun all together. I'm sure May Britt will cherish all these gifts and memories, she deserves these so much ;>)
    (Had I known about friendship quilt blocks for her special quilt gift, I'd sure had made one).

    The hexies quilt in Japanese fabrics is so beautiful, too (so is yours - I'm following your progress). This is a MUST DO !

    In friendship,


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