Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cat report

Never take luggage checking lightly!
A long nap is good for you!


You know you get exercise points for streeetched sleeping positions ?
I am just nap testing the table runner - testing 1, 2, testing 1, 2….
The house seamstress is getting back to her to do list -
someone has to accomplish something around  here - I am in the R&R dept.  this week.

Purr purr :-)


  1. Your cat reminds me of ours. We have three and they are always getting on things I am making! They can be so funny!
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    Thank you and Have a Blessed Day,

  2. Love love your Bunny quilt!!! :o)

  3. Such a pleasant companion you have while stitching.

    It has been dark here when I get up each morning so I fix a cup of tea and light a candle and sit and stitch, knowing that you do the same each morning.

  4. Why does cats always sleep on top of table runners?????

  5. I have those kitty reports too! They are always up to something.

  6. Det er en utrolig skjønn pusekatt du har - takk for alle de herlige bildene, jeg smiler fra øre til øre når jeg ser'n :o) Teppet ditt blir velig fint, skjønne farver.

  7. Anonymous5:23 pm

    Skjønne bilder, ha en god helg.

  8. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Your little cat certainly loves to stretch all the ways out when she sleeps. She's so adorable.

  9. Got to love them, no question about that!

  10. Just what is it with cats and quilts....mine is also enamoured with handbag handles....those belonging to guests.
    She also loves my pillows..
    She is one spoilt cat.
    Like yours I suspect.


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