Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the wings again :-)


Oh, what beautiful mountains - what a majestic view!

At the end of this water Marie is living on a farm at the foot of the snow clad mountains, right under one of Norway's famous glaciers.

Elin and I spent a lovely Friday afternoon in Marie's house.
Thanks for your heart warming hospitality Marie!


15 creative ladies attended the toiletry bag class in Gloppen  on Saturday, and a lot of lovely bags they made! Visit the guild blog for more photos.

P1040504  P1040498 P1040499 P1040500  P1040502 P1040503

The stitcheries and other decorations were made in advance.
Some have used my butterfly stitchery, and some had made other stitcheries and other decorations, as the rose bag that was made with paper napkin decoupage - very clever - and the one with free hand machine embroidery and small pearls.

On Sunday we were doing Kaleidoscope


My host and friend Elin - visit her blog for more photos!
P1040506 P1040507   P1040510  P1040512 P1040513

Kaleidoscope is quite time consuming, but the results are striking.

These ladies were very much up to the challenge!

It was so fun to be with you ladies and I hope we will meet again in the future :-)


Sandane in Gloppen, seen from Holvikjekta - an old sail ship that sailed  from Sandane to Bergen 100 years ago, back and forth, twice a year, carrying goods.
This is the only ship of its kind still intact in Norway.

Notice the stars decorations on each side of the windows !!
It was in the early evening and the ship is under roof outdoors, hence the dark photo.

It is a big ship and I am not a big lady ;-)


Here is a coloured black and white photo of the boat from around 1900.

Here is a wonderful gift I got from the guild, with Gloppen's horse on it and dialect words for different temperatures.


Right now it is 0 degrees C - Husekaldt - Cold in house - brrrrr


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