Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The most wonderful day!


It is hard to know where to begin, but one thing has to be said loud and clear – Thank You Lynette!

Thanks for being who you are, and for being such a generous and inspiring person!

It was such an inspiration to meet you and see your quilts and things, so now I have to get up even earlier in the morning to get more time to stitch :-)

Lynette’s design has been very high on my favourite lists for years :-)
I have always been drawn to small stitches and accuracy, of which Lynette is a master.
She also has her lovely furry friends in her work, and I love that. You can guess my softest spot is Felix, the cat, right ? ;-)

P1040384 P1040382 P1040383


Our class was lovely!!
We started the bag, with needle turn appliqué. The work above is Lynette’s class sample – one of them.

We got very good instructions for stitches and how tos :-)

I am already subscribing to The Kitten Tale BOM – lucky me :-))
P1040385 P1040386    P1040390

The class participants got a trunk show in the morning too, and I know that these quilts are on my to do list in the future!!
I have the Christmas quilt in a book I have had for years :-)
The Crazy Christmas quilt below is a BOM. Look out – you know me and good BOMs ;-)

To the left is Lynette’s DH Vince. He is a very pleasant person too.

  P1040465 P1040466 P1040467
Some details from the Crazy Christmas BOM.

May Britt and I are as happy as we look :-)

Kathrine had brought along all kinds of temptations from her shop – and yes, we got tempted indeed, but that has to be another post!

  P1040396 P1040397 P1040398 P1040399 P1040400 P1040401 P1040402 P1040403 P1040404
May Britt and I both reached for the same pattern at once, and that was not on purpose, believe me :-)
P1040405 P1040406
Lynette has many of her things in different colourways, which is an inspiration to all, no matter what your favourite colours are.

Another one of my favourite patterns.
P1040409 P1040410  P1040412

We had pizza between class and the evening trunk show.
We are getting ready for the evening show.
 P1040429P1040432 P1040430 

A gorgeous basket quilt, front, detail and back.

An Angel’s Wish quilt in pink – yes I have the book :-)

The Friends for Christmas quilt in pastels – book right here? nod, nod hehehe


After the trunk show we got a lovely slide show presentation from Lynette’s quilting life.

Lynette was on her feet all day, from early morning to late evening, so she must be all wiped out today.
She gave her best left and right all day, and made the day so special for us all.
Thanks again for letting us meet you and for sharing yourself and your lovely work with us!

You are a very special lady Lynette, and I will treasure this day!!

Smiling ear to ear – happy and ready to iron some transfer for stitchery -


  1. Looks like you all had a fantastic time Hanne...thanks so much for sharing all the photos...

  2. What a lovely time you have had, Hanne. I was lucky enough to go to a punch needle class with Lynette a few years ago and it was inspiring. I am like you and have a large stash of Lynette's books and patterns. I have made quite a few and have just started the Christmas BOM. I put some pictures of it on my blog. Greetings from Australia.

  3. Ser ut som dere har hatt en knallbra dag, full av vitamin Q. Takk for at du la ut så mange bilder så flere av oss får se.

  4. Enig med deg Hanne. Hun er i særklasse når det gjelder detaljrikdom i broderiene sine, det falt jeg for. Det var en opplevelse å se henne vise & fortelle i går kveld.

  5. Oh goodness! What a lot of wonderful fun. Wish I could have been there, but thanks for giving us a peek! Karmen

  6. Thank you for sharing--- one of these days.....I'll get to attend a workshop for an Australia Quilter... such talented ladies. OK-- My favorite is that Birdhouse bag... I'm putting it on my wish list. You took some marvelous photos.

  7. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. I understand you are coming to Shipshe this month. I hope you will have an extra hour or two to come over and I will have some Champagne Rose Sorbet for you and friends. :D
    my email is
    the @ symbol

  8. I enjoyed seeing the class with Lynette, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Lynette is a wonderful lady and I can imagine how fun a class would be, with her.


  9. I am sooooo jealous! I just love her patterns. Makes me want to go sew, but here I sit. Trying to draw a simple basket in EQ.

  10. Dette ser heilt fantastisk ut, så heldige de var som fekk oppleve dette!

  11. Oh Hanne... this is so fantastic pictures ...and I can see you smiling all the way to Sweden... what a day!!!!
    All the things and all the samples.. just WOW!!!! :o)
    Lucky you!! :o)

  12. Det ser virkelig ut som et inspirerende kurs - jeg ble inspirert bare av bildene dine! Lykke til med alle prosjekter som nå dukket opp på "to-do"-listen.Bodil

  13. Hi.
    It seems you had a great day. I love the evening with you and Lynettes show and tell. But I got more WANT to do items.

  14. What toppings did you have on your pizza?

  15. Great post. I can tell you had a wonderful and inspiring day. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Anonymous8:08 pm

    You lucky girl, I hope can attent a workshop with her one day

  17. Lovely workshop...there is a lot to learn from you and I must appreciate your wonderful creative ideas.



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