Thursday, November 05, 2009

More from Monday


What I bought on Monday – almost all are Lynette’s designs, except for the fabrics :-)
The snowman button is extra precious to me – a gift from Lynette. I will start the Christmas cushion soon!

I also bought Lynette’s latest book, Gathering of Crows.


Here are my collection of Lynette Anderson’s booklets and books.

I think it is complete, but I don’t really know, so if you have knowledge about other books, please let me know.

I know that several of these are out of print, so I am keeping them close to me.

I have been collecting Lynette’s patterns for years. As you know, I love her small details and accuracy and have a pile of her patterns too  :-)
I also like the layout on her books and patterns – a feast for the eyes.

I have just been asked which book I like the best, and I just have to say – All of them :-)
All are theme related, and they all are are lovely – both the old ones and the new ones.

I think I saw the Christmas book online recently, even if I know it is out of print.
Try doing a search!
Over the years I have also found out of print goodies on ebay too.

My books  and booklets with year of print are:

All my bears (2000)
An angel’s wish (2001)
Sunflower stitching (2003)
Friends for Christmas (2003)
Bearly stitched (2004)
Rainbow cottage (no year given – it is fairly new)
Gathering of crows (2009 – brand new)

Kathrine’s Quilte Stue has a lot of Lynette’s books and patterns right now.

Did I tell you that my head is still spinning from Monday and all the lovely designs?
I am going away for the weekend and will prep a stitchery later – Lynette’s design off course :-)



  1. Förstår att du har hur mycket som helst i huvudet nu... och alla böckerna är underbara.. jag hara bara två...:o) Men älskar dem...
    Ahhh.. så mycket nytt och underbart du inhandlat... en tidig julklapp ;o)

  2. You forgot her Pincushion book. I got that one :)
    But I do not have the sunflower stiching book. Have to look for that one. I also do not have the Friends for christmas. So I better go searching on the net now.


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