Thursday, November 05, 2009

Paying It Forward – sort of


7 years ago my DD1 was hospitalized for months and our family was going through a very rough patch.

One day heart blocks started to appear in my mail box, from near and far away.
It was a very touching experience and I wiped my eyes frequently, feeling all the support from fellow quilters.

I wrote the names of the makers on the seam allowance of each block, so it was a touching experience again when I spread all the blocks on my desk yesterday and saw that I am still in touch with most of them, one way or the other.
2 great quilters have also passed away since then, and 1 has lost her hand skills to Parkinson’s disease.

I did not have much luck when we were doing PIF in blogland a couple of years back, as I did not receive anything from the lady I signed up with – BUT – I was lucky with the recipients of my 3 gifts, as they all liked what I made for them :-)

I have since then found that is is very giving for me to give to others, and that an unexpected gift is often very precious for the receiver, no matter if it is small or big.
I am so happy when someone is sending me a gift, and I love sending gifts to others too, brightening their day.

Well – back on track here ;-)

I am sure none of the makers of these lovely hearts will mind if I make the 41 blocks in to quilts to children with long term diseases now, so as thought, so done.
The warming hearts can now warm again!

I separated the block in to 2 piles, one mainly red and one mainly blue.
Some of the blocks are signed on the front with the maker’s name, but I think it will just add interest to the quilt.
Only 1 blocks has my name on it – it is blue, and will be a part of quilt # 2. I know what to do with it, and it will be used.

Here are the quilt top from the red hearts:

I have used 2,5” strips (again!!) around these blocks – colours are red and pink-red, both batiks and prints.

The blocks finish 11” and the quilt top is 44,5” x 55,5”

My goal is to finish these 2 quilts by the end of the month.



  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Dear Hanne,
    lovely post - as usual - and lovely hearts for 2 generous projects...
    Reading your thoughts about PIF's, brought some introspection to me, and I realized I completed lost any track back about the ones I eventually committed to - shame on me - (I still have the lovely heart with a little red birs, that you stitched for me, hanging on my quilts cupboard knob) ...
    Would there be any chance that your name was on my PIF to-do list ?
    If so, please be sure that this ommission was certainly not done on purpose. I do hope you will accept my heartful & sincere apologies, and I'll immediately start on making something for you with pleasure. ;>)
    Please confirm, dear, THANKS
    In friendship,

  2. What a wonderful thing to do with your heart blocks! I have recently been blessed by many blog friends old and new when my family went through a crisis. It warms my heart to know that so many caring people are keeping us in their thoughts and prayers! :0)

  3. i can't think of a more beautiful thing to do with those hearts ... giving is a wonderful thing

  4. What a great story and you have found the perfect use for the blocks. They were yours when you needed them and now they will provide comfort to someone else in need.

  5. For å en flott ide å bruke hjertene på den måten. Etter å ha gledet deg vil de nå kunne glede andre :-))

  6. That is a wonderful idea. Great way to share your blocks and let them comfort someone.

  7. What a special thing to do with those blocks. I am a firm believer in 'what goes around comes around'.

  8. What a lovely idea! and I'm sure the quilters who made those blocks will be delighted to see them used for such a wonderful purpose!

  9. Jeg syns dette er en generøs måte, av deg, å bruke hjerteblokkene på :o) Det er sikkert en liten jente der ute som vil bli veldig glad for det røde hjerteteppe.

  10. Flott måte å bruke hjertene på - vennskapene som ble knyttet er vel viktigere enn de stofflappene nå så mange år etterpå. så knan de gjøre nytten sin og glede en gang til.

  11. I am sure that the makers of those blocks would be honored to have them made into a quilt for children who are ill. I am sorry I wasn't blogging back then as I would love to have made one. As a matter of fact, if ever you need more, please just let me know and I'll stop what I'm doing to help.

    This is a very heart warming post that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks you.

  12. Oh Hanne what a great idea you had. I think that it is wonderful. I still have my little heart with the red bird on it that you made me too! I wish that I had known at the time you never received your PIF.

  13. Hanne, how beautiful it would have been to receive your hearts knowing the support and love that came with them. I think it is a wonderful idea to put them into the quilts for children as you are, so very thoughtful of you. It ends up being a world wide circle of love doesn't it.

  14. what a beautiful thing to do with your heart blocks!!! there will be so much love inside each quilt!

  15. Anonymous12:50 am

    What a wonderful thing to do, I too find giving as wonderful as receiving.


  16. You are a lady with a big heart! It is a great idea to pay forward the warm thoughts you have received to those who need them now. We should all be more aware of supporting our fellow man. Knowing that there are people out there that care can make a big difference.

    Big hug from me to you :)

  17. Masse flott å titte på her på bloggen din. Fint hjerteteppe. Jeg er i full sving med en adventsduk.

  18. What a wonderful thing to do, and I am sure everyone who sent you a heart would be so glad.

  19. The hearts so much explain the love you have for others ...looks very good to me and explains your kind and warm personality.



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