Thursday, December 17, 2009



Early morning, candles on the fireplace and a large mug of hot tea - life is calm and good.
I treasure my morning candles and morning tea more than you can imagine :-)


The hexagon quilt is coming along nicely too :-)
2 long horizontal seams and a lot of edge filling pieces  left to do.

My plan is to finish this quilt top in 2 halves and join the last horizontal seam just before adding the border.



  1. When I check the sunrise and sunset and find that we only have 9 hours of daylight I remember that you have even less.

    I light my candles in the evening after dinner to be enjoyed while I stitch. The mornings are too hectic getting ready for work.

    You are making real progress with your hexagon quilt.

  2. Lovely! I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas. Big hugs.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! I am doing hexagons but not so far along.

  4. Teppet er blitt kjempeflott og for et arbeide det må ha vært. Ønsker deg en fortsatt fin adventstid.

  5. As I've watched this hexagon quilt come to life via your blog - it is so beautiful. I may have to try one!

  6. Heia det høres veldig koselig ut Hanne.. Jeg skal snart reise bort på juleferie og kommer for å ønske deg en riktig God Jul og et godt Nyttår! Det er alltid så koselig å følge bloggen din. Kos deg masse i julen, for det vil jeg..


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