Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas sewing and mail box joys

As you can see I am sewing under supervision :-)

The furball is acting strange these days.
I think she is bored since the world has frozen over, and there is nothing much to chase or catch outdoors. It is -16 degrees C outdoors. Brrrr

I have now cleared the drawers top and put a small quilt there, in case she wants to supervise more :-)

I have not sewn much on the machine lately, but you can see a glimpse of what I am working on, under the stitcheries.
7 by7 squares, squares finishing 5".
I will machine quilt it tomorrow and add some appliqué in the corners.
The recipients are someone I hold dear, and they wished for a Christmas tree mat last Christmas.
I have cut the squares from many different reds - it looks good :-)

My favourite relaxation work is stitcheries - and these 2 stitcheries I have enjoyed a lot. I will not finish them into anything this year - just add them to my box of finished stitcheries, so I can make something nice some other time :-)


This has been a lovely Friday!

I have got acupuncture today. It does me so good!
After I have been to my dentist, repairing a broken molar, and it could be done for a fraction of the price I anticipated (no root canal or crown - yet).

When I came home I got these lovely surprises in the mail - the next 2 blocks for my Svennebrevet BOM,
and a very heart warming card with some special treats from Satu. I love the vintage card, the beautiful ribbon and the variegated thread.
Thank you very very much Satu !! :-)

Now I am enjoying a glass of good red wine and will do another thread on my stitchery.
Life is good :-)
I hope you enjoy your Friday too!



  1. Anonymous3:44 am

    Thanks for sharing photos of the furball. She looks quite interested in what is going on. Enjoy the wine - you'll need it to keep you warm. LOL. minus 15, now that is cold!

  2. Of course Furball must have her own quilt on the desk!!!! Frida has, and she enjoys sleeping there both when I am sewing with her, and alone.


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