Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy week

The secret project you have not seen a proper photo of yet is nearly done. Just lacking about 30 minutes of work and a label.

In between I have enjoyed these blocks from the BOM Svennebrevet  :-)



I have joined the blocks as I go. If they don't have the proper placement, they are pinned into their right row, and I feel I am making a quilt, not only blocks :-)

I am travelling with Dear Jane and Nearly Insane quilt this weekend.
I am having a lovely time with a  group of wonderful quilters from Sandnessjøen :-)
The area is very beautiful with all the mountains and the sea.

A lot of talented women are gathered here, and I am having a good time!

I have also had the pleasure of visiting the local quilt shop, Bit for bit (Piece by piece)

Now I am relaxing in my hotel, enjoying a glass of red wine, reading  blogs and listening to music on TV, before a group of us is going out for a late dinner.

Life is good :-)

Wishing you a lovely weekend too!



  1. Looking forward to see your secret project! I am not done, I am running late.... (Why am I surfing the net then?)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your BOM blocks are beautiful. Sounds like you are having a nice weekend. Life is indeed good!

  3. Sandnessjøen! Da er du rett v mitt sommerparadis Dønna! Men d er vakkert på denne tida av året også. Jeg har fortsatt mine 5 blokker fra dear jane liggende etter kurset m deg. Vi får se om d blir noen flere etterhvert. Kos deg fortsatt. Bodil

  4. Flotte blokker her. Ser absolutt ut som om du har hatt det flott i helga:-)Vi sees!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend Hanne - enjoy!

  6. Yor BOM looks great, Hanne! Enjoy the rest of the work :o)
    Nice of you to share those great pics from your trip! Hope you had tons of fun!
    An award is waiting for you over "at my place".
    Happy sewing,

  7. Your travels sound wonderful, Hanne!
    Love those blocks, too! Such beautiful fabric!!!
    All the best!

  8. Flittig og kreativ som alltid!
    Det ligger en utmerkelse(award) til deg på bloggen min :-)


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