Friday, March 26, 2010


I should have blogged about what I bought last weekend and a wonderful gift I got, but  have been down with a cold / stomach flu and have not had much energy.

I have been watching several brain dead programs on web TV while drinking gallons of  hot tea and stitched.


I have finished these 3 stitcheries for my elf quilt. I have in fact finished 2 more of these to show you tomorrow :-)

After almost 3 days on low speed I guess I am on the mend when I get the itch to do something again ?


Miss Cat and I have chilled out big time over the last few days, and she absolutely loves my signature quilt draped in a chair.
She even asks for it when it is not draped, giving me The Look  until I provide the proper draping of the right quilt in the right chair. Never underestimate your cat - you don't own it, it owns you :-)
(Never thought I would ever admit that………. don't hold it against me, please hehehe)


I must also admit I (very gently ?) nudged May Britt in to starting this appliqué block today, using the methods Yoko Saito demonstrated last Saturday - no iron involved.
The block is 4" before trimming.
I think I am hooked on the method, having great fun :-)

The block is from a sewing kit kit we bought in Sweden last May.

I think I will take my tired self to bed now.

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow :-)



  1. I know The Look from cats. Frida always gives me The Look to get what she wants. And she always gets it :)

    Keep your feet warm and your needle busy, so you are able to make your visit to me on wednesday.

  2. Oh I hope you are feeling better now! Your block looks so pretty, and the elves are just so cute!

  3. Jeg kjenner "blikket". Man adlyder blikket. The look commands usXP
    Og katten eier oss alle, de er skikkelig sleipe, de starter når de er bittesmå med å få oss under sin makt, ved å være søte små hårballer som gjør søte ting, og når de blir store så er det bare for sentXD
    Glade i katten vi=D

  4. Anonymous10:15 pm

    what is the secret method to your beautiful applique? CURIOUS AS YOUR CAT HERE.

  5. Hunder har familie, katter har tjenerskap ;-)
    Jeg er også tjener...

  6. Hi Hanne! Your kitty cat is so very cute! Funny how they always manage to be the boss!!!
    What is this appliquë technique you describe??!!! I am also curious!!!


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