Sunday, May 02, 2010

There and back again part 3


I love the open landscape in southern Ontario, and what is not to like about spring sun and greening fields ? :-)

We spent the night at Val's parents in law, Claire and Stan, in Dutton, and they always make me feel very welcome.
Thanks a lot, both of you!

The second day of our journey to Shipshewana, IN, we crossed the Canadian American border.

After crossing the border and coming through Detroit, we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel.
Val says to never let a Norwegian use the GPS - hehehe - it really added to the travel time, but we made good time after all :-)
Their chicken spinach  salad can really be recommended!

cb chicken salad
The Cracker Barrel Country store can not be passed without some shopping either - small tins for….. needles perhaps :-)


We arrived in Shipshewana at 7.30 pm, and stopped at Blue Gate restaurant for a meal.


What luck, we met our dear friend LuAnn at the restaurant :-)

Outside the trees were in full bloom.


We got a room close to the retreat room and it was lovely to only have to walk a shorter distance indoors :-)

After visiting with friends in their room, it was time to go to bed, anticipating a new and exciting day.

Travelling 2 long days by car sure makes a girl ready for bed!


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  1. Oooohhhh my favorite place to eat!!! They have the best chicken and dumplings.... and I love their shop, I actually have the same peppermint tin, the brown one...
    And a very happy belated birthday to you!!!


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